Recognition Event: Honorees and Auction Results!

Yesterday afternoon—Monday, May 19—a great crowd of students, staff and faculty gathered in the Forest Club Room for the annual SEFS Recognition Event. It was a high-spirited celebration of our school and community, including the presentation of a number of awards, recognition of retiring faculty (David Ford and Frank Greulich), fantastic catered snacks and enough wine to keep a cruise ship afloat.

Silent Auction

Browsing some terrific options for the Silent Auction.

It also looks like we eclipsed our total from the Silent Auction last year and should raise more than $3,100 for the SEFS Student Scholarship Fund. Nice work, everyone!

In case you missed the fun, below are the honorees for this year’s awards. Congratulations to all of you, and to the many other tremendous nominees!

Staff Member of the Year: Amanda Davis*
Faculty Member of the Year: Sharon Doty*
Graduate Student of the Year: Hyungmin “Tony” Rho*
Undergraduate Student of the Year: Alison Sienkiewicz*

Director’s Award for Faculty Service: Sarah Reichard
Director’s Award for Staff Service: Theresa Santman

The John A. Wott Fellowship in Plant Collection and Curatorship: Eve Rickenbaker
The Richard D. Taber Outstanding Wildlife Conservation Student Award: Kyla Caddey

* Each of these honorees will have his/ her name engraved on a permanent plaque display in Anderson Hall, to be unveiled later this summer.

A HUGE thanks, as well, to everyone who helped pull this event together. Contributions were many and much appreciated, including: Greg Ettl for serving as Master of Ceremonies; Vince Gallucci and Ettl for commemorating departing faculty; Nevada Smith for arranging the catering and door prizes; Abraham Ngu and Amanda Davis for helping set up the room in advance; Michelle Trudeau for impressively folding every single program; Steve West for organizing another spectacular wine tasting; the awards committee for reviewing an exceptionally large and competitive candidate pool; and everyone who donated—and bid on—the wonderful prizes and experiences for the Silent Auction. I know I’m forgetting some important contributors, but know that I appreciated every nudge of help and support. Thank you!

Photos © SEFS.

Silent Auction

SEFS Recognition Event: Monday, May 19!

We have finally set the date for this year’s SEFS Recognition Event—Monday, May 19, from 4-6 p.m. in the Forest Club Room—so mark your calendars for our annual celebration of all things SEFS!

For those who haven’t been to the Recognition Event before, it’s a wonderful occasion to recognize fellow students and colleagues who have made exemplary contributions to the school and academic community. There will be catered snacks, a silent auction to raise money for the SEFS student scholarship fund (more on that later!), an expansive wine tasting, beer and other beverages, and a host of honors and awards presented—in short, a truly excellent time!

Recognition Event

The Anderson Hall award case will soon house a permanent plaque display to recognize honorees each year.

At the heart of the event, of course, are the awards, and we have made a few significant changes to the program this year. The biggest change is that we are streamlining the core awards into four categories: Faculty Member of the Year, Staff Member of the Year, Graduate Student of the Year, and Undergraduate Student of the Year.

Each of these awards will be open to nominations from all faculty, staff and students, and our hope is that they will reflect the highest honor for a year of achievement and service. Befitting the lasting contributions these awards reflect, honorees will have their names engraved on a permanent plaque display in Anderson Hall. (That case has been languishing for quite some time, so we’re pleased to restore its role as a showpiece of scholarship and engagement)

Nominations do not need to be long—a good paragraph or two will suffice—but they should be specific and clearly demonstrate the qualities your candidate exemplifies. Nominations can recognize a wide range of strengths and accomplishments, whether in one area or across many, in one instance or sustained throughout the year. (You are not expected to know grant totals or grades or precise figures, though the selection committee may use these metrics as part of the selection process.)

Please send your nominations to Karl Wirsing no later than Friday, April 25; that’s less than three weeks ago, so get cranking on those letters!

Some criteria and characteristics to consider:
(For each category, you may nominate more than one individual, and all nominations will be reviewed by a panel of students, staff and faculty. Also, in addition to these nominated awards, we will also have several other traditional student awards, as well as two Director’s Awards.)

1. Faculty Member of the Year
Exemplary attributes can include, but are not limited to: Quality of teaching, advising and mentoring; student success in the field; new research grants and programs; recent publications, books, patents and invited lectures; contributions to the SEFS community and administration; preeminence in his/her field of study; etc.

2. Staff Member of the Year
Exemplary attributes can include, but are not limited to: Outstanding commitment to the school and supporting students, faculty and other staff; contributing to the positive spirit and cohesiveness of the school; outstanding, creative and/or innovative performance of duties; community participation and outreach; commitment to professional growth and development; etc.

3. Graduate Student of the Year
Exemplary attributes can include, but are not limited to: Academic excellence and accolades; outstanding thesis/dissertation research and progress; extracurricular projects, collaborations and activities; conference presentations and other professional engagements; community participation and outreach; outstanding promise in his/her field of study; etc. Candidates must be enrolled either full-time in a graduate degree program at SEFS, or as part of a joint degree.

4. Undergraduate Student of the Year
Exemplary attributes can include, but are not limited to: Academic excellence and accolades; outstanding research projects; conference presentations and other professional engagements; extracurricular projects, collaborations and activities; community participation and outreach; outstanding promise in his/her field of study; etc. Candidates must be declared ESRM or BSE majors at SEFS.

Remember, nominations are due no later than Friday, April 25, so send them in as soon as possible! And if you have any questions about the awards or event, don’t hesitate to reach out to Karl Wirsing.

SEFS Recognition Event: Nominees and Award Winners!

SEFS Recognition EventIn case you weren’t able to join us this past Tuesday for the annual SEFS Recognition Event, we honored a number of students, staff and faculty for their tremendous contributions to the life and success of our school.

Below are the award categories, nominees and overall winners (in case you haven’t had a chance to give them a hearty pat on the back yet):

Staff Nominees
Academic and Student Services Team (Amanda Davis and Michelle Trudeau)
David Campbell
Carrie Cone
Amanda Davis
Laura Davis
Sarah Heller
Lynne Hendrix
Fred Hoyt
IT Team (Marc Morrison, Brad Coston, Shane Krause)
Zareen Khan
Joy Louie
Terri McCauley
Sally Morgan
Marc Morrison
Lisa Nordlund
Megan O’Shea
Mike Roberts
Theresa Santman
Pat Saunders
Nevada Smith
Karl Wirsing
David Zuckerman

Exemplary Administrative PerformanceHonorees:
Exemplary Research Performance: Zareen Khan
Exemplary Outreach Performance: David Zuckerman
Exemplary Administrative Performance: Fred Hoyt
Exemplary Research Funding Performance: Luke Rogers*

Student Nominees

Jack DeLap
Eric Delvin
Shyam Kandel
Miku Lenintine
Colton Miller
Hyungmin (Tony) Rho
Rob Schmitt
Kaitlyn Schwindt
Eric Snoozy
Linda Uyeda
Mu-Ning Wang 

Distinguished RA ServiceHonorees:
Distinguished RA Service: Eric Delvin
Distinguished TA Service:
Rob Schmitt and Mu-Ning Wang
Outstanding Community Participation: Kaitlyn Schwindt
Richard Taber Wildlife Award:
Bethany M. Drahota*
John A. Wott Fellowship: Chris Watson*
Charles L. Pack Essay Competition Winner: Matthew Grund*

Faculty Awards*
Exemplary Research Funding Performance
□ Direct Expenditures: Rick Gustafson and Ernesto Alvarado
□ Indirect Cost Recovery: Josh Lawler and Ivan Eastin
Exemplary Graduate Student Funding Support
□  Rick Gustafson and Ernesto Alvarado
Exemplary Student Enrollment: Rob Harrison
Exemplary Teaching: Jerry Franklin and Aaron Wirsing
Exemplary Service to the School and University: Steve West

Director’s Awards
Renata Bura, Sharon Doty, Greg Ettl and David Ford

Congratulations to all of you!

* Award not determined by nomination.

Graphics © SEFS.

SEFS Recognition Event: Submit Your Award Nominations!

Coming up on Tuesday, May 14, we’ll be holding our annual SEFS Recognition Event in the Forest Club Room from 3-5 p.m. This year’s festivities include the award presentation, honoring retiring faculty and staff, door prizes, food and a wine tasting for those of age, as well as the always-popular silent auction (salmon fishing on Puget Sound? Sunset champagne sail?!) It’ll be one big school-wide stew—undergrads, grads, faculty and staff—so mark your calendars and come out and celebrate with your friends and colleagues!

In addition to faculty and research awards, each year we give out six awards based on nominations—three each for staff and students—to recognize exemplary members of the SEFS community.

Staff Categories

  1. Exemplary Administrative Performance
  2. Exemplary Research Activities
  3. Exemplary Outreach Activities

Student Categories

  1. Distinguished Teaching Assistant
  2. Outstanding Community Participation
  3. Distinguished Research Assistant

Nominations can come from students, staff or faculty, so don’t be bashful. To support your nomination, please send me a brief but specific nominating statement identifying your candidate and the nominated award category, and how your candidate exemplifies the characteristics of that category (a few lines will suffice). You may nominate a candidate for more than one award.

Please send your nominations to me—Karl Wirsing—by Friday, May 3. That’s less than two weeks away, so don’t dally in recognizing the amazing qualities of your peers and colleagues!