Guest Seminar (10/18): Kate Troll

On Wednesday, October 18, we are very pleased to host a visiting seminar with Kate Troll, “Ten Points of Hope for Progress on Climate Change,” from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Forest Club Room!

Kate is a long-time Alaskan with more than 22 years of experience in climate and energy policy, coastal management and fisheries. She’s been elected to local office twice and currently serves as an op-ed columnist for Alaska’s only statewide paper, the Alaska Dispatch News. As executive director of the Alaska Conservation Voters, Kate helped draft the creation of the Alaska Renewable Energy Fund and lobbied for the Sustainable Energy Act, a comprehensive roadmap to generate 50 percent of Alaska’s electrical energy from renewable sources by 2025. She served as executive director for United Fishermen of Alaska (nation’s largest fishing organization), and she also worked as a fisheries development specialist and policy analyst for the state of Alaska. Internationally, Kate was regional fisheries director (North and South America) for the Marine Stewardship Council, a global eco-label program. She was also appointed by Governor Sarah Palin to serve on the Alaska Climate Mitigation Advisory Board, and was the only Alaskan invited to participate in Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2008 Global Climate Summit.

About the Talk
Kate will share her stories, insights and experience in dealing with the political difficulties of advancing conservation initiatives in a state dominated by extractive resource industries. In her new book, The Great Unconformity: Reflections on Hope in an Imperiled World, she uses the power of adventure storytelling to convey key policy insights and ‘hope spots’ in dealing with the challenges of sustainability and climate change. To inspire and empower others, her talk highlights 10 points of hope for progress on climate change, leading to a robust discussion of the most practical ways to make a difference both personally and professionally.