Open BSE classes

There are several BSE classes which are open to non-majors. Most of these have no prerequisites and are NW or VLPA credit eligible. They are a great way to see learn more about what BSE has to offer!

Summer 2017 classes:

BSE 490B  Intro to Papermaking
5 cr NW | Summer A-term | 2017 SLN 14323

Offered for the first time in 2017, this class is a fun introduction to papermaking methods, raw materials and environmental sustainability. A combination of classroom sessions and weekly field trips and labs provide a mix of theory and hands-on learning.

BSE 190 Bioproducts and biofuels
5 cr NW | Summer A-term | 2017 SLN 10602


Annual classes:

BSE 201 Introduction to pulp, paper and bioproducts
3 cr NW | Winter | 2018 SLN TBD

Broad overview of the science and technology of producing bioproducts from natural resources. Includes discussion of biomass structure and chemistry, production of pulp and paper, and production of biofuels and bioproducts. Aspects of environmental sustainability and economics are also introduced.

BSE 211 Creativity and Society
5 cr VLPA/I&S | 

Explores the nature of creativity and innovation in U.S. and other societies. Investigates the processes of thinking and techniques of idea generation in fields such as art, music, science, engineering and medicine.

BSE 309 Creativity and Innovation
2 cr
 VLPA | Spring

Understanding creativity and creative thinking; its challenges and dynamics through knowledge, judgment, planning, and observation. Techniques of creative thinking. Design and development of creative games. Computer-aided creative thinking. Creation, protection, and exploitation of a useful idea, including bargaining and negotiations. Offered: jointly with CHEM E 309