Olympic Natural Resources Center

Long Term Ecosystem Productivity Project: Sappho, WA Framework GIS and Field Data Integration


Sappho GIS Map and Products – Site Level

*Appropriate software must be installed on tablets and desktops using these maps and data products. Installation and use on mobile phones may be iffy.

Data Sharing and Access Using Google Drive

A few things to remember:

  • Collaborators will be invited to share via email
  • Invited collaborators must download and install Google Drive before they can access the folder they’ve been invited to share
  • Even though access privileges have been granted, collaborators still must sign in
  • Anyone with a UW ID may access this folder, However: They may only view the contents of the folder. They do not have privileges that allow them to open, download, or change any file in the Sappho GIS project folder(s)
  • Some folders contain UW | ONRC’s core data holdings. Only UW | ONRC administrators will be given full access. All others will have Read Only access.
  • Folders with collaborator / worker’s names will be provided, with that person having full control of the contents within it.
  • There will be project common folders where many collaborators may share data and will have full control of the contents within it.
  • We are currently working out details of exactly how this will work with our collaborators on this project, so please have patience. Over the Labor Day holiday, a complete reorganization of the folders will be undertaken.
  • If you have questions, please call me, Keven Bennett, at 425-279-3179 or email me at kbenet@uw.edu. I will not take access requests by phone as security is a primary concern, so email requests to me.

Sign into the UW | ONRC Google Drive here.