Fall 2000, CHEM E 523

Seminars at 4:00pm, Monday, Physics Astronomy Building A110
Refreshments served

(Questions? Contact Prof. S. Jiang at 616-6509 or LaDonna Kennedy at 543-2754)


Molecular Simulation as a Design Tool in Chemical Engineering

Prof. Edward J. Maginn
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame
Host: Jiang


10/11* (Wednesday)

Regulation of Gene Expression by Mechanical Forces in Vascular Cells

Prof. Larry V. McIntire
Department of Bioengineering, Rice University
Host: Horbett


Molecular Simulation of the Rheology of Lubricant Components. Bulk Systems and Fluids Confined in Nanoscale Gaps

Prof. Peter T. Cummings
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Tennessee &
Chemical Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Host: Jiang

10/19* (Thursday)

Modeling in Chemical Engineering and Electrochemical Engineering Using the Finite Element Method in FEMLAB

Dr. Eduardo Fontes and David Kan
Host: Finlayson


Colloids in Supercritical Fluids: Fundamentals and Applications

Prof. Keith Johnston
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Texas (Austin)
Host: Jiang

11/07* (Tuesday, 12:30pm)

Size-Selective Electrochemical Growth of Metal and Semiconductor Nanodots and Nanowires

Prof. Reginald M. Penner
Department of Chemistry, University of California (Irvine)
Host: Schwartz
(Note: Joint seminar with the Center of Nanotechnology
TIME: Tuesday, 12:30PM
LOCATION: Bagley Hall, Room 260)


Conversion of Waste Biomass to Animal Feed, Chemicals, and Fuels

Prof. Mark Holtzapple
Department of Chemical Engineering
Texas A&M University
Host: Finlayson


Preparation, Assembly, and Functionalization of Meso-Scale Particles

Prof. Younan Xia
Department of Chemistry
University of Washington
Host: Jiang