Supplemental information for Genomewide identification of spliced introns using a tiling microarray

Z. Zhang, J. Hesselberth and S. Fields

This page contains supplemental information useful for the visulatization of intronic regions found in yeast using tiling microarrays. All files are in UCSC Genome Browser-compatible formats (BED and WIG) and compressed using Bzip2. All chromosome coordinates are based on the October 2003 Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome draft, which is the version currently used by the UCSC genome browser (

Raw data for these analyses are available at the NCBI GEO under accession GSE5470.

Descriptions of files available:

The above files can be uploaded into the UCSC Browser by navigating to the S.cerevisiae genome, clicking "Custom Tracks", and pasting the following lines into the browser. Please note: Some of these files are big, and upload can take 1-2 minutes depending on server traffic.

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