UW Biofuels and Bioproducts Laboratory

Amira Chowyuk

Major: M.S., Bioresource Science and Engineering

Advisor: Rick Gustafson

Office: Bloedel 354

Email: anchowyu@uw.edu

Lab: Biofuels and Bioproducts Lab

Current research:

  • Life cycle assessment of bioproducts from woody biomass
  • Systems Integration
  • Economic Community Impact Assessment

Understanding the environmental, political, economic, and social impacts of a biofuels and bioproducts industry is very important to the future success of this emerging industry. So far, the majority of research on bioproducts from hybrid poplar has been done at the regional level. To further explore the implications of a bioproducts industry on the local level, my research will focus on the life cycle environmental impacts of bio-derived, high-value chemical production at the county level, specifically in Lewis County, WA, which was sited as a potential optimal site for a biorefinery. This research will also include an infrastructure plan, investigate opportunities for systems integration with nearby industries, and assess the economic community impact. I hope this work will contribute to developing the roadmap for successful implementation of a biofuels industry in the Pacific Northwest.


University of Washington, Anticipated 2018

M.S., Bioresource Science and Engineering – School of Environmental & Forest Sciences

North Carolina State University, 2012 Alumnus

B.S., Industrial and Systems Engineering – College of Engineering