Erik Budsberg



Current Research:

Current research is focused on using life cycle assessment methodology to help develop an environmentally and economically sustainable biofuels and biochemicals industry in the Pacific Northwest United States.  Specifically, the life cycle research is used to identify the flow of materials from, and emissions to the environment during the production, use, and disposal of bioproducts.  The analysis can then be used to highlight steps within a bioproducts life cycle that negatively affect the environment.  Options and alternatives that may mitigate these concerns can be evaluated and if deemed viable can be integrated into the development of a bioproducts industry.  The ultimate goal of this research is to aid in developing alternative fuels and products that have significantly reduced environmental impacts compared to those currently used today.

When not investigating the biofuels and biochemicals industry, my research is concentrated on finding the perfect balance between family life, skiing, mountain biking, and fly fishing.

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