Current research


Mandana Ehsanipour

Current Research:

Major: PhD, Bioresource Science and Engineering
Advisor: Renata Bura

The popularity of bioenergy in recent years indicates industrial ushering in a new energy era.  For example, Bioethanol not only provides energy independence, but it also contributes immensely to the enhancement of our environment. It is by far the largest and most immediately available alternative to petroleum and diesel, decreasing the adverse environmental effects and production dependency typical in fossil fuel consumption.
The purpose of my PhD study is to excel as a professional researcher in bioenergy and bioresource sciences. 


MS – Environmental Applied Science and Management, Ryerson University-Toronto, Canada (2010)
Thesis:  “Acid Pre-treatment and Fractionation of Source-Separated Organic (SSO) Waste for Lignocellulosic Saccharification” Link

BS – Applied Chemistry, Khajeh Nasir Toosi (K.N.T) University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (1995)