UW Biofuels and Bioproducts Laboratory

BBL equipment and facilities

LabThe Biofuels and Bioproducts Laboratory has access to excellent facilities. These include individual faculty laboratories, and a newly renovated 1,600 sq. ft. bioresource laboratory which includes a wide array of analytical equipment, such as HPLCs, and processing equipment such as fermenters and separation apparatuses. In addition, we have a 3,600 sq. ft. pilot facility with many unit operations for converting biomass into fuels, chemical, and products. These facilities provide the capability to carry out fundamental research as well as commercialize new bioprocessing technologies.

A 2.7 liter custom-built steam gun was recently installed in the pilot facility capable of pretreating 0.5 kg batches of biomass at temperatures up to 250°C and 550 psig pressure.

Lisa in hood

As a part of the fermentation and enzymology research, we have sterile capabilities and equipment for aseptically growing microbial cells for fermentation as well as culturing novel organisms.Anaerobic chamber







Raman Kaiser Raman RXN2 Multi-channel Raman Analyzer
GC-MS Shimadzu GC-MS
GC-TCD Shimadzu GC-TCD
FTIR Shimadzu FTIR
CHNS Perkin Elmer elemental analyzer
dionex Dionex ICS-3000 LC
Shimadzu Shimadzu Prominence LC
FQA Fiber Quality Analyzer (FQA)
FKA Fiber Kappa Analyzer (FKA)

Process equipment

Steam gun 2.7 L steam pretreatment reactor (AKA “Steam gun”)

  • Custom built in 2012
  • Dedicated 600psi steam boiler
  • Reactor dimensions: 7.6 cm diameter by 60 cm long = 2.7 L
  • Typically run between 190-215 °C for 2-15 minutes
  • Water jacketed catch tank
Fluidized Sand Bath Fluidized sand bath
Pyroprobe Pyroprobe
fermenter New Brunswick Scientific BioFlo/Celligen 115 1.3 liter bioreactor (3)
membralox Membralox filtration system
VSEP VSEP Series P-50 filtration system
Ablative Reactor  Ablative pyrolysis reactor
Fluidized Bed Reactor High-Pressure Fluidized Bed Reactor
Ethylene Oligomerization Reactor v2  Packed Bed reactor (oligomerization of ethylene)
Hydropulper Pulping equipment

Hydropulper (pictured)

Oxygen reactor

High-pressure double batch digester

Hydrogenation reactor Catalytic hydrogenation reactor