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Over the past several decades, forest management has been changing throughout the world. How has the field of silviculture kept up with these changes and what can silviculture offer to the future of forest management for the changing objectives and demands placed on forests?

This was a question that was frequently asked of the Silviculture Laboratory at the University of Washington. We decided the best way to answer this question was with this poster. Silviculture is the science at the heart of applied forest: ecology, restoration, conservation and management. Silviculture is a very dynamic and expanding discipline. With the increasing complexity of the demands placed on forests, silvicultural knowlege is needed now more than ever. Silviculturists can help to provide the insights and mechanisms for making forest projects successful, whether they are creating wildlife habitat, protecting streams, producing boards or some combination of these. So in short the answer to the question “what does silviculture offer?” is: What Do You Want?

2004 Silviculture Laboratory Poster

Silviculture Poster leftSilviculture Poster centerSilviculture Poster right

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The Silviculture Laboratory Poster was created by: Michael Andreu, Elaine Oneil, Derek Churchill, Paul Lachance, Craig Cootsona, and Ann Andreu.

If you are interested in a full size (3 ft.x 11 ft.) copy of this poster please contact James McCarter ( and we will arrange to send a high quality electronic copy of the poster for printing.

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