Dr. Evan P. Gallagher, Ph.D.
University of Washington SRP Program Director
Director, Project 1: Biochemical Mechanisms of Olfactory Injury in Salmon
Sheldon D. Murphy Professor of Environmental Health Sciences


Phone:  (206) 616-4739
Fax: (206) 685-4696
Laboratory phone: (206) 543-1005
Laboratory Contact: Mike Espinoza
Email: evang3@u.washington.edu

Website: http://depts.washington.edu/envhlth/faculty.php?Gallagher_Evan

Research Interests

Dr. Gallagher maintains an active research program focused in the area of the molecular and biochemical basis for susceptibility of environmental chemical toxicity. Specifically, our work is directed toward an understanding of the role of genetics and biochemistry of oxidative defense and biotransformation enzyme expression in individual, developmental, and species’ differences in susceptibility to environmental chemicals. Our work encompasses studies in Pacific salmon and zebrafish, as well as in fish and human cell models. Accordingly, we address toxicological issues that often involve ecological and human health.

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