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READ Research Brief 224: Effects of Cadmium and Copper on the Fish Olfactory System (NIEHS/NIH/SRP, August 2013)- text

READResearch Brief 223: Nicotine in Peppers and Other Vegetables May Reduce Parkinson Disease Risk (NIEHS/NIH/SRP, July 2013) - text

RELATED: In March 2014 'O - the Oprah Magazine' published nutrition information from the UW SRP Project 2. The article entitled, 'Everyday Food All Stars', featured findings by Susan Searles Nielsen, PhD who reported that bell pepper consumption twice a week or more is associated with at least a 30 % reduced risk of Parkinson's Disease. The original journal article,"Nicotine from edible 'Solanaceae' and risk of Parkinson disease", was released in 2013 in the Annals of Neurology.

READ“Effects of Cadmium on Olfactory Mediated Behaviors and Molecular Biomarkers in Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch)” (SRP Trainee Webinar Series, Session 2, May 2013) - text

READDr. Lu Wang's recent publication awarded 2nd place in 2013 SOT Post-Doctoral Research Award Competition in 'Metals Specialty Section'. - text

READSuperfund Trainees awarded 2nd place in biomedical poster at 2012 SRP annual meeting: (Environmental Factor November 2012) - text

READNIEHS- Keystone Science Lecture Seminar Series, Title- “The Many Facets of Gene-Environmental Interactions of the Paraoxonases” (Environmental Factor October 2012)- text

READDr. Furlong's long-term partnership with ATSDR recognized in NIEHS Environmental Factor "Seminar series marks ATSDR/Superfund collaboration" (Environmental Factors April 2012) - text

READ "Enhanced Phytoremediation of Chlorpyrifos" (SRP Trainee Webinar Series, Session 2, June 2011) - text

READNIEHS - Keystone Science Lecture Seminar Series, Title - "Searching for the Holy Grail of biomarkers for early detection of Parkinson's disease (PD)" (NIEHS Environmental Factor, July 2011) - text

READPresentation at Agency Seminar Series (DEOHS Environmental Health News, Aut 2010) - text
The UW Tech Transfer patented a technique developed by Professor Michael Yost and Research Scientist Robert Crampton that simultaneously determines the temperature and concentration of common atmospheric gases using single-beam open-path Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. In November, Yost presented on ambient air monitoring with remote sensing techniques at the UW Superfund Research Program-sponsored Agency Seminar Series at the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) office in Seattle.

READResearch Brief 190: Determining Susceptibility to Environmentally-induced Neurotoxicity (NIEHS/NIH/SRP, October 2010)

READ Scientists analyze blood to test for toxic airplane exposure (CNN, August 2009) - text, video

READ Research Brief 165: PON1 as a Potential Treatment for Organophosphate Poisoning (NIEHS/NIH/SRP, September 2008) - text

READ Research Brief 156: Enhanced Phytoremediation of Volatile Environmental Pollutants (NIEHS/NIH/SRP, December 2007) - text

READ "Superfund Grantees Engineer Plants to Clean Environmental Pollutants" by Maureen Avakian (NIEHS Environmental Factor - Online NIEHS News, November 2007) - text

READ Phytoremediation (Living On Earth, November 2007) - audio, text

READ Trees with rabbit genes accelerate cleaning of soil (The Guardian, October 2007) - text

READ Mutants or Savior? Rabbit Genes Create Trees That Eat Poisons (Seattle PI, October 2007) - text

READ Pollution Busting Plants (Scientific America, October 2007) - text

READ Gene-Altered Plant, Tree Can Suck Up Toxins (National Geogrpahic, October 2007) - text



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