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READ Research Brief 224: Effects of Cadmium and Copper on the Fish Olfactory System (NIEHS/NIH/SRP, August 2013)- text

READResearch Brief 223: Nicotine in Peppers and Other Vegetables May Reduce Parkinson Disease Risk (NIEHS/NIH/SRP, July 2013) - text

READ“Effects of Cadmium on Olfactory Mediated Behaviors and Molecular Biomarkers in Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch)” (SRP Trainee Webinar Series, Session 2, May 2013) - text

READDr. Lu Wang's recent publication awarded 2nd place in 2013 SOT Post-Doctoral Research Award Competition in 'Metals Specialty Section'. - text

READSuperfund Trainees awarded 2nd place in biomedical poster at 2012 SRP annual meeting: (Environmental Factor November 2012) - text

READNIEHS- Keystone Science Lecture Seminar Series, Title- “The Many Facets of Gene-Environmental Interactions of the Paraoxonases” (Environmental Factor October 2012)- text

READDr. Furlong's long-term partnership with ATSDR recognized in NIEHS Environmental Factor "Seminar series marks ATSDR/Superfund collaboration" (Environmental Factors April 2012) - text

READ "Enhanced Phytoremediation of Chlorpyrifos" (SRP Trainee Webinar Series, Session 2, June 2011) - text

READNIEHS - Keystone Science Lecture Seminar Series, Title - "Searching for the Holy Grail of biomarkers for early detection of Parkinson's disease (PD)" (NIEHS Environmental Factor, July 2011) - text

READPresentation at Agency Seminar Series (DEOHS Environmental Health News, Aut 2010) - text
The UW Tech Transfer patented a technique developed by Professor Michael Yost and Research Scientist Robert Crampton that simultaneously determines the temperature and concentration of common atmospheric gases using single-beam open-path Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. In November, Yost presented on ambient air monitoring with remote sensing techniques at the UW Superfund Research Program-sponsored Agency Seminar Series at the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) office in Seattle.

READResearch Brief 190: Determining Susceptibility to Environmentally-induced Neurotoxicity (NIEHS/NIH/SRP, October 2010)

READ Scientists analyze blood to test for toxic airplane exposure (CNN, August 2009) - text, video

READ Research Brief 165: PON1 as a Potential Treatment for Organophosphate Poisoning (NIEHS/NIH/SRP, September 2008) - text

READ Research Brief 156: Enhanced Phytoremediation of Volatile Environmental Pollutants (NIEHS/NIH/SRP, December 2007) - text

READ "Superfund Grantees Engineer Plants to Clean Environmental Pollutants" by Maureen Avakian (NIEHS Environmental Factor - Online NIEHS News, November 2007) - text

READ Phytoremediation (Living On Earth, November 2007) - audio, text

READ Trees with rabbit genes accelerate cleaning of soil (The Guardian, October 2007) - text

READ Mutants or Savior? Rabbit Genes Create Trees That Eat Poisons (Seattle PI, October 2007) - text

READ Pollution Busting Plants (Scientific America, October 2007) - text

READ Gene-Altered Plant, Tree Can Suck Up Toxins (National Geogrpahic, October 2007) - text



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