UW SRP Project Summary

Paraoxonases:  Biomarkers of Susceptibility to Environmentally-Induced Diseases

Scientists are investigating the role of two paraoxonase genes (PON1 and PON2) in various neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s disease.

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Parkinsonism and Metal Exposures Amongst Welders

In this epidemiology study, scientists are studying shipyard welders to determine whether their exposure to metals, especially maganese, increases their risk for parkinsonism.

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Plasma Biomarkers for Parkinsonism in Welders

It is still controversial as to whether idiopathic Parkinson's disease (iPD) is related to manganese exposure. In this project, plasma protein profiles will be compared between typical iPD and parkinsonian patients secondary to exposure to manganese (welders).

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Biotransformation Gene-environment Interactions in Coho Salmon Neurotoxicity

Scientists hope to create an early warning system for potential adverse human health effects by examining Coho salmon exposed to contaminants commonly found at Superfund sites.

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Phytoremediation of Pollutants Using Transgenic Plants

Scientists are developing poplar trees that are able to remove solvents as well as neurotoxic pesticides from the soil.

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