Lab Director: Cheryl Kaiser, Ph.D, University of Washington, Department of Psychology

Research in the Social Identity Lab explores the interplay between social issues and psychological theoretical insights. Our research primarily employs experimental methods, although we also explore our questions with surveys, and with interdisciplinary approaches with colleagues in related disciplines, including law, sociology, and political science. Our research addresses topics including prejudice, stigma, diversity, inequality and fairness, immigration, and employment discrimination law. Our approach highlights how theoretically-driven social psychological science has important implications for social issues, and how real world events provide significant opportunities for advancing science.

We are currently recruiting for Spring 2015!

If you are an undergraduate interested in working in the Social Identity Lab, please complete and submit an application.

E-mail: silab (at) | Phone: 206-685-4229
Department of Psychology, UW Diversity Science, University of Washington,
Box 351525, Seattle, WA 98195-1525

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