Robert Wood's Ruins of Palmyra

Images taken from Robert Wood's The Ruins of Palmyra, otherwise Tadmor, in the desart (London, 1753) [NA335.P2 W8] digitally reproduced by Lance Jenott, courtesy of the University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections.

View of the Ruined City of Palmyra



Plan of the Temple of the Sun

Temple of the Sun, front view (entrance)

Temple of the Sun: detail of pilaster

Temple of the Sun: grand portico's interior ornaments

Temple of the Sun: upright of side door

Temple of the Sun: ornaments of inner portico

Portico within Temple court

Plan of the temple's inner portico

Temple of the Sun

Temple entablature: friezes and reliefs

Marble soffits, Temple of the Sun

Exterior view of Temple from NW

The Arch

Pilaster of Arch, detail

West view of Arch

East view of Arch

Plan of small temple

Small temple

view of Arch from West with collonade, rubble, columns

Plan of Greco-Roman sepulchre

Greco-Roman sepulchre

Tower sepulchre

Unknown building with collonade

Unknown building, exterior view