Images of Bukhara

Courtesy of Ruth & Frank Harold:

Lab-i-Haus, a leafy square in the town center

Medressa (17th c.) flanking Lab-i-Haus

The Mullah Nasruddin, on his donkey

The Ark, or citadel (18th - 19th c., much restored)

Old city wall

Emir's Mosque

Tomb of Ishmail Samani, 10th c., masterpiece of brick architecture

Samani's tomb

Women still come to worship

Doorway, Samani's tomb

Medressa Mir-i-Arab, 17th c.

Courtyard of Kalan mosque, 16th c.

Kalan mosque with the 12th c. minaret

Mihrab, Kalan mosque

The minaret, 12th c.

Courtyard, Kalan mosque

Dome, Kalan mosque

The minaret

Ulug Beg's Medressa

Carpet sellers at Ulug Beg

Ulug Beg's Medressa

A street in Bukhara

Char Minar (1807), a mausoleum

A street in Bukhara

Street scene

View of Bukhara

Elderly gentleman of Bukhara

Courtesy of Florian Schwarz:

Bukhara, Great Mosque from SE

Bukhara with Avicenna Monument

Great Mosque and Minerat; Mir-i Arab Madrasa from NW


Gawkushan Mosque (16th c.)

Mir-i Arab Madrassa (16th c.); Goldsmith's Dome (Taq-i Targaran, 16th c.); Ulug Beg Madrassa (15th c.); Abd al-Aziz Khan Madrasa (17th c.) seen from the Great Minaret

Poy-i Kalan

Goldsmith's Dome (16th c.); Ulug Beg Madrasa (15th c.)

Ark (citadel) from SE

Street scene

Neighborhood shrine

Neighborhood shrine

Neighborhood shrine

Neighborhood shrine

Neighborhood shrine

Children playing on Independence Day (September 1st)

Dress rehearsal for 2,500 year anniversary of the city, October 1997

Street Artists, Independence Day (September 1st, 1997)

Preparing Pilav for a birthday celebration

Great Mosque and Minaret

Great Mosque and Minaret

The Ark (citadel) under restoration for the 2,500 year city anniversary, 1997

The Ark, 1998

Mosque in the Ark (citadel)

Samanid Mausoleum (built ca. 1000 CE)

Samanid Mausoleum, interior

Maghak-i Attari (12th c.)

Maghak-i Attari (12th c.)

Maghak-i Attari (12th c.)

Chashma-i Ayyub (Job's Well, 13th c.)

Buyan Quli Khan Mausoleum (13th c.)

Buyan Quli Khan Mausoleum (13th c.)

Bala-yi Hauz Mosque (18th c.)

Paykand: A Sogdian city between Bukhara and Qarakul