Daniel Waugh

Curator and head designer:
John Szostak

Programming and design:
Lance Jenott

Maps generation, research assistance:
Lance Jenott, Justin Odum

Flash animation programming and design:
Dahvi Fradkin Neelis

Essays authored by:
John Szostak, Daniel Waugh, Carol G. Thomas, Jason Neelis, Lance Jenott

Our gratitude goes to the following museums, which contributed imagery from their collections for this exhibit:
The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Berlin Staatliche Museum für Indische Kunst
The British Museum
The Inner Mongolia Museum
Musée du Louvre
Seattle Art Museum
The Victoria and Albert Museum

Photographers and individual lenders:
Daniel Waugh
Jason Neelis
Paul Berry
Don Croner

Spanish translation:
The Spanish translation of the Art of the Silk Road exhibition is the work of Alexandra Prats and Prof. Dolors Folch, under the latter's editorial supervision, and was supported by a grant from the PQE (Program for educative quality) of Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.

This exhibit would not have been possible without generous support from the Simpson Center for the Humanities. Many thanks also goes to the Center for Advanced Research Technology in the Arts & Humanities (CARTAH) for their technological support, to the Seattle Art Museum for their many efforts in the coordination and administration of the exhibition.