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The Buddha
Sri Lanka, Tamilnadu. 11th-12th c. Bronze, solid casting, originally gilt. 54.5 cm.
MIK I 5882
Fragment of a spandrel
Bengal, Pandna, Adma Masjid. Dated 1374-1375 CE. Schist. 74.5 x 59.5 cm.
MIK I 2726
        Door jamb
Bengal, Chota Sona Masjid. 15th c. Grayish-black schist. 138 x 23.5 x 16.5 cm.
MIK I 1150
Dekkhan, Bidar. 17th c. Black metal inlaid with silver. 28 x 25 cm.
MIK I 336
Celestial globe
Lahore. Dated 1660/61 CE. Autograph Zia ad-Din Muhammad. Brass, engraved, inlaid with silver. 9.4 cm.
MIK I 1266
Small jewel case
Sri Lanka, Kotte; Sinhalese-Portuguese. Ca. 1580. Carved ivory, silver, gilt brass. 13.2 x 25.5 x 11.3 cm.
MIK I 9928

Sri Lanka; Sinhalese-Dutch. 2nd half 17th c. Ivory on sandalwood, silver. 18.7 x 25.0 x 17 cm.
MIK I 387a-g
Photo im146a is the back panel of the cabinet.
South India, Srinrangam. End of 17th c. Carved ivory with a ruby. 20 cm.
MIK I 382
The child Jesus as Good Shepherd
West India, Goa; Indo-Portuguese style. 17th c. Ivory. 23 cm.
MIK I 1576, 1577
Audience at the Mughal court
North India, Delhi; Company style. Ca. 1840. Wood and ivory. 24.3 x 17.8 cm.
MIK I 1618
Part of a wallhanging
North India; Mughal style. 2nd quarter of 17th c. Silk weaving, lampas. 212 x 97
MIK I 362
Pub.: MIAB, p. 52