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The selection here includes objects dated up through the 10th century CE, the arrangement being approximately chronological. Those to which a date of 10th-11th century has been assigned are on the "Later Islamic" page. Note that some "early" objects, metalwork and those from Samarra, are displayed on the separate pages devoted to those subjects.

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Covered container (pyxis) with grapevine decoration.
Egypt or Syria, 7th-8th c. CE. Elephant ivory.H: 9.4 cm.
Inv. Nr. 2977
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 19
Bowl with moulded relief.
Syria, 7th-8th c. CE. Glass. H: 7.5 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.1537
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 20
Figure of a woman
Qusayr al-Amrah. Early 8th c. CE. Wall painting.
Inv. Nr. I.1264
Cf. discussion in Grabar, pp. 43ff.
Decorative stone with stylised scrollwork and pomegranates
Israel, Khirbat al-Minya. Ca. 705-715 CE. Limestone. H.: 55 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.7577
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 18
Two limestone rosettes
Israel, Khirbat al-Minya. Ca. 705-715 CE. Limestone
Inv. Nr. I.7579, 7580
Iraq, 7th-8th c. CE. Carved stucco.
Inv. Nr. I.2185
Iran. 8th-9th c. Glass
Inv. Nr. I.18/62
Cup with relief decoration
Iraq. 9th c. Inscribed with name Husain on base. Earthenware, lead glaze.
Inv. Nr. I.5531
Dish with stylized goblet
Iraq, 9th c. CE. Glazed painted earthenware.
Inv. Nr. I.5311
Cf.: Grabar, p. 68, fig. 103.
Dish depicting the constellation Corvus (the Raven) in the southern sky.
Iraq, 10th c. CE. Lustre-painted earthenware.
Inv. Nr. I.12/62
Dish with depiction of a knight, birds and Kufic script
Iran, Nishapur. 9th-10th c. Earthenware, underglaze painting. 6 x 22 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.11/62
Pub.: Hattstein, p. 121
Uzbekistan, Samarkand. 10th c. Earthenware, colored glaze, sgraffiato. Imitation of Tang Chinese ceramics.
Inv. Nr. I.4691
Cf. similar dish, Grabar, no. 185, p. 118
Dish with handle
Samarkand or Nishapur. 10th c.
Arabic inscription: "Beware of liars." Inv. Nr. I.23/62

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