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The selection here includes objects dated from the 10th-11th century down to modern times. The arrangement here is only approximately chronological, with some objects rather being grouped by region in which they were produced, following the arrangement of the displays in the museum. Note that some of the earliest objects here need to be viewed in the context of those at the end of the chronological range of the "early Islamic" material. Also, note that some objects of metalwork and the significant collection of ceramic tiles, displayed on separate pages, are from the "later" period. The tiles are particularly important to view in the context of the other ceramics which are displayed on this page.

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Dish with hare and palmettes
Egypt, Fustat/Old Cairo. 10th-11th c. Stone-paste ceramic, lustre painted. 8.5 x 27.5 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.35/64
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 34; Hattstein, p. 155
Vase with painted scroll-work
Egypt. 11th c. Glass, lustre pianted.
Inv. Nr. I.1918
Pub.: Grabar, no. 334, p. 208
Vase with bird decoration
Egypt, 10-11 c. CE. Glass with incised decoration.
Inv. Nr. I.580
Sieve flask
Egypt, 10-11 c. CE. Earthenware.
Inv. Nr. I.1930
Mug with bird frieze.
Egypt, 11 c. CE. Glass with cut decoration.
Inv. Nr. I.4035
Details of rectangular frame with hunting and musical entertainment scenes
Egypt, 11th-12th c. CE.
Inv. Nr. I.6375
Dish with design of two birds
Iran, Nishapur. 11th c. Earthenware. The bodies of the birds form a Kufic-script blessing, "Baruka."
Inv. Nr. 37/61
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Small plate with fluted rim
Iran, Kashan. 11th c. Stonepaste ceramic, glazed. A copy of design of Tang Chinese ceramics.
Inv. Nr. I.32/63
Dish with a lute player
Egypt, Fustant/Old Cairo. 11th-12th c. Earthenware, lustre painted.
Inv. Nr. 38/64
Iran. 11th-12th c. Earthenware. The decoration, with a scene from a fable and birds, imitates the design on metalware.
Inv. Nr. 2/55
Southern Italy or Sicily. 11th-12th c. Elephant ivory. 39.5 x 22.8 x 17.3 cm.
Inv. Nr. K 3101
Pub.: Islamic Art, pp. 36-37; Hattstein, p. 163
Signal horn (olifant)
Southern Italy or Sicily. 11th-12th c. Elephant ivory. 50 x 11.5 cm.
Inv. Nr. K 3106
Pub.: Islamic Art, pp. 36-37; Hattstein, p. 163
Casket (details)
Sicily (?), 13th c. Ivory and wood, painted. 35.5 x 20 x 16.5 cm.
Inv. Nr. KFMV 60
Pub.: Islamic art, p. 38
Dish depicting player of a rabab
Iran, Rayy. Ca. 1200. Stonepaste ceramic, lustre painted.
Inv. Nr. I.1506
Flask with wish for good fortune in Persian
Iran, Kashan; found in Budnurd (Khorasan). 595 AH/1198-1199 CE. One of the earliest dated pieces of Persian lustreware.
Inv. Nr. I.46/70
Iran, Kashan. 12th-beg. 13th c. CE. Stonepaste ceramic, overglaze painting and gold leaf. H: 29; Dia.: 19.5 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.6210
Pub.: Islamic Art, pp. 104-105.
Flask Persian inscription
Iran, 13th c. Stonepaste ceramic, underglaze painting. H: 25.5; Dia. 15.5 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.49/65
Pub.: Islamic Art, pp. 103-104
Figure of a woman, probably from decoration of a palace.
Iran. Ca. 1200. Painted stucco. H: 60 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.2658
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 55-56; Hattstein, p. 352.
Two human heads from wall relief of a palace
Iran, 12th-13th c. Stucco, traces of painting.
Inv. Nrs. I.2659, I.2660
Bottom of dish with depiction of scene from the Shah-name
Iran, Kashan or Rayy. Ca. 1200. Stonepaste ceramic with under- and overglaze painting (mina'i technique) with gold leaf. 12.6 cm. Illustration shows King Bahram Gur and the harp player Azade on a gazelle hunt.
Inv. Nr. I.5667
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 52
Bottom of dish depicting a blood-letting scene
Iran, Kashan. 1st half 13th c. Stonepaste ceramic with under- and overglaze painting (mina'i technique).
Inv. Nr. I.4350
Iran, Kashan. 13th c. CE. Min'ai ware.
Inv. Nr. I.7018
Pub.: Hattstein, p. 353
Iran, Kashan. Ca. 1200 CE. Min'ai ware.
Inv. Nr. I.2248
Iran. 12th-13th c. CE. Glass.
Inv. Nr. I.6165
Syria. Ca. 1200. Glass, painted with gold. 20.7 cm.
Inv. Nr. ANT 30219.211
Pub.: Islamic Art, pp. 71-72.
Pitcher on three lion-headed feet
Iran. 1st half 13th c. Stonepaste ceramic; form modeled on that of metalware.
Inv. I.4/77
Camel with ceremonial litter
Iran. 13th c. Stonepaste ceramic. 32 x 17 cm. Such objects were probably gifts for women and children.
Inv. Nr. 77/62
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 58
Lute player
Anatolia. 1st half 13th c. Marble. 36 x 20 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.7168
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 68
Koran stand
Turkey, Konya. Mid-13th c. Signed Abd al-Wahid ibn Sulaiman. Walnut. 107 x 50 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.584
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 60; Hattstein, p. 384.
Perfume flask
Syria. Mid-13th c. Glass painted with enamel.
Inv. Nr. Gans 206
Flask with polo riders
Syria or Egypt. Ca. 1300. Glass, enamel and gold painting. 28 x 19 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.2573
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 83; Hattstein, p. 199
Mosque lamps
Syria or Egypt. Glass, with enamel and gold painting.
Inv. Nr. I.2296 (beg. of 14th c. CE); and (on right, with details) Inv. Nr. I.2572 (ca. 1300) Inscribed with Quranic sura 24:35 and the name of Sultan an Nasr Muhammad).
Pub. of I.2572: Islamic Art, p. 80; Hattstein, p. 199
Syria (Damascus). 1st half 14th c. CE.
Inv. Nr. I.3989
Albarello (vase or flask)
Syria (Damascus). 1st half 14th c. CE.
Inv. Nr. I.3978
Bowl with dragon design
Iran, 14th c. Stonepaste ceramic, underglaze. Copy of design on Chinese Blue and White ware.
Inv. Nr. 5380
Plate with a singing bird design
Iran, Afghanistan or Central Asia. 15th c. Stonepaste ceramic, underglaze.
Inv. Nr. I.5688
Iran. 14th c. CE.
Inv. Nr. I.7435
Spain, Granada, Tor de las Damas in Palacio del Partal in the Alhambra. Early 14th c. Cedar and poplar, carved and partly painted. 3.5 m. diameter.
Inv. Nr. I.5/78
Pub.: Islamic Art, pp. 93-96
Bowl depicting a ship
Spain, Manises (Valencia). 15th c. Earthenware. 22 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.1906.99
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 98
Carpet with dragon and phoenix design
Turkey, mid-15th c. Wool, knotted. 172 x 90 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.4
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 164
Prayer rug
Egypt (Cairo). Beg. of 16th c. CE. Wool.
Inv. Nr. KGM 1888.30

Medallion carpet with animals
Iran. End of 16th c. Wool knotted with cotton chains. 4.27 x 2.25 m.
Inv. Nr. 7/56
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 169
Spiralling scroll-work carpet (details), with garden/park scene and animals hunting
Pakistan, Lahore (Mughal Empire). Ca. 1610. Wool, knotted on cotton. 7.65 x 2.93 m.
Inv. Nr. I.6/74
Pub.: Islamic Art, pp. 176-177
    Manuscript of the Quran
Iran, Shiraz. Ca. 1560-1575 CE. The pages are open to the end of Sura 113 and beginning of Sura 114.
Inv. Nr. I.42/68
Miniature paintings of Jesus and Mary with angels.
India (Mughal), 17th c.
Inv. Nr. I.4589, fols. 38 and 37
Miniature painting of the Christian holy family with drinking Portuguese in foreground.
India (Mughal). Mid-18th c.
Inv. Nr. I.4595, fol. 10
Vessel of the lower part of a water pipe (qalyan) with design of springing gazelles on a floral background
Iran, Kirman. 17th c. Stonepaste ceramic.
Inv. Nr. KGM 1898.185
Plate with design of cypress flanked by blossoms
Iran. 17th c. Stonepaste ceramic, relief.
Inv. Nr. I.4198
The Aleppo Room
Syria, Aleppo. 1600-1603. The reception room for visitors to a private home of a Christian family. Wall paintings include Biblical and Middle Eastern secular motifs. This is the oldest such painted, wood-panel room of a private home which has been preserved.
Pub.: Islamic Art, pp. 188-195; Hattstein, p. 565

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