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The collection contains some important inlaid pieces of bronze or brass. On display, but impossible to photograph properly, is quite a bit of jewelry. Sasanian metalwork will be found here on the page devoted to Sasanian art. As with any grouping of objects, the separation of metalwork from the others is problematic. One need remember that there is a particularly close relationship between the shape of metal vessels and other table ware and that of the ceramics which often are influenced by the metalwork.

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Egypt, 7th-9th c. CE. Gold with pearls.
Inv. Nr. I.1986-61
Armband or bracelet
Syria or Egypt, 12th c. CE. Gold.
Inv. Nr. I.2861
Incense burner
Syria, 8th c. CE. Bronze.
Inv. Nr. I.1958
Vessel in the form of a bird
Iran. 8th c. Bronze, engraved; inlay now missing. H.: 34.5 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.5623
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 28; cf. Grabar, no. 100, p. 66.
Incense burner in shape of a bird
Egypt, 10th-11th c. CE. Engraved bronze.
Inv. Nr. I.5610
Octagonal plate with image of Senmurv
Northeastern Iran. 10th c. Silver, partially gilded, beaten and punched. 35.8 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.4926
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 45; Grabar, p. 123; Hattstein, p. 123
Dish depicting lute player
Iran. 10th-11th c. CE Silver, niello. Dia.: 13 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.582
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 50
Pitcher with Arabic Kufic inscription
Iran, 11th-12th c. CE. Bronze. H: 24 cm.; Dia.: 13.6 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.1598
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 49.
Iran. 12th c. CE Silver, gilding, niello.
Inv. Nr. I.2210
Mosul, Iraq. 3rd quarter 13th c. CE.; pitcher, both signed by master Ali ibn Abdallah al’Alawi al-Mawsili. Brass inlaid with gold and silver. Basin Dia. 43 cm.; jug H 35 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.6581, 6580.
Pub.: Islamic Art, pp. 72-74.
Incense burner
Syria. 2nd half 13th c. CE. Brass inlaid with gold and silver. Dia.: 15 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.2774.
Pub.: Islamic Art, pp. 74-75.
Waterbasin with depiction of polo rider and courtly couples
Iran. End of 13th c. Brass inlaid with silver.
Inv. Nr. I.3580
Mirror with harpy motif
Central or SE Turkey. 12th-13th c. CE. Bronze.
Inv. Nr. I.5135
Belt plaques
Anatolia or Caucasus. 13th c. CE. Gold. H: 6 cm. W: 7.5 cm.
Inv. Nr. I.889
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 69
Candlestick with court scenes
Central Turkey. 2nd half 13th c. CE. Bronze with silver inlay.
Inv. Nr. I.566
cf. Islamic Art, pp. 67-68.
South Russia (Ukraine?). 15th c. Gold with seed pearls.
Inv. Nr. I.890
Two jugs with Persian verses
a. Iran. 861 AH/1456-1457 CE.; b. 910 AH/March 1505 CE. The older one (I.3606, H: 12.5; Dia. 13 cm.) is the work of Habib Allah ibn Ali Baharjani for one Iskandar ibn Muhammad Mirza; the younger one is signed Ala ad-Din and Shams ad-Din Muhammad al-Birqandi. Bronze inlaid with silver.
Habib Allah ibn Ali Baharjani also made the jug dated 1462 which is in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum (Inv. Nr. 943-1886).
Inv. Nrs. I.3606, I.6052
Pub. of I.3606: Islamic Art, pp. 115-116

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