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The selective Sasanian Collection displayed opposite the fašade of the Mshatta Palace in the museum contains some extraordinary pieces. A few of the fine examples of metalwork were formerly in the collection of Botkin in Russia.

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Bowl with sitting griffon
Iran. 5th-6th c. Silver, with gilding.
Found in 1907 at Novo-Bayazet, Erivan province (Armenia). Ex-Botkin Collection.
Inv. Nr. I.5384
Pub.: Ia. I. Smirnov, Vostochnoe serebro (St. Petersburg, 1909), no. 307
Plate depicting hunting scene with the Sasanian ruler
Iran. 7th c. Silver with gilding. Dia.: 18.6 cm.
Found in 1907 at Novo-Bayazet, Erivan province (Armenia). Ex-Botkin Collection.
Pub.: Smirnov, Vostochnoe serebro, no. 309; Trever and Lukonin, Sasanidskoe serebro (Moscow, 1987), pp. 78-79. Inv. Nr. I.4925
Ornamental planchettes, with pearl-roundel and hen design
Iran, 7th c. Silver, partially gilded.
Inv. Nr. I.87/63a-b
Flask with cranes between palm trees
Iran. 7th-8th c. Silver with partial gilding. H: 16; Dia.: 9.2 cm.
Found before 1868 in Russia. Ex-Botkin collection.
Inv. Nr. I.4968
Pub.: Smirnov, Vostochnoe serebro, No. 89; Islamic Art, p. 127
Iran. 6th-7th c. Silver
Inv. Nr. I.47/59
Iran. 5th-6th c. Glass, with applied prints.
Inv. Nr. I.1/71
Bowl with facets
Iran. 6th-7th c. Glass, cut and ground.
Inv. Nr. I.2/62
Flask with facetted decoration
Iran. 6th-7th c. Glass, cut and ground.
Inv. Nr. I. 69/62
Flask with applied prints.
Iran. 7th-8th c. Glass.
Inv. Nr. I.65/64
Wall panel depicting boar; with Pahlavi inscription
Iraq. 5th-6th c. CE. Stucco.
Inv. Nr. VA 1326
Wall panel with Pahlavi inscription
Iraq, area of Ctesiphon, House of Umm az-Za'atir. End of 6th-beg. of 7th c. CE. Stucco. H: 39.5 cm.
Inv. Nr. KtO 1084
Pub.: Islamic Art, p. 129
Wall panel with paired ibexes and grapevine
Iran. 6th-7th c. Stucco.
Inv. Nr. I.6197.
Wall panel with a ram
Iran (or Iraq?). 6th=7th c. CE. Stucco.
Inv. Nr. I.2212
Wall panel with a Senmurv
Iran, Chal Tarhan. 7th-8th c. Stucco.
Inv. Nr. 6642
For a much clearer image of a quite similar panel which is in better condition that came from the same site, see British Museum, inv. no. ME 1973.7-25.3.

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