The Louvre :: Early Islamic Egypt and Spain

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The material is from Gallery 3 of the Louvre's Islamic Collection.

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Panels with dancers and lute player.
Egypt, 11th-12th c. CE. Carved ivory, traces of polychrome.
Inv. nos. OA 6265/2; OA 6266 (21.4 x 5.7 cm.). Website (OA 6265/2). Website (OA 6266, includes detailed images).
Panel with two horsemen.
Egypt, 11th-12th c. CE. Carved ivory.
Inv. no.: OA 6265/1. Website
Frieze with running animals.
Egypt, 8th-9th c. CE. Aleppo (or umbrella) pine, carved and engraved. 20.2 x 68.5 x 3.5 cm.
Inv. no.: AA 165. Website. Cf.: LACMA Inv. no.: M.2002.1.750.
Panel detail.
Egypt, 11th c. CE, found in W. palace of Fatimids in Cairo in 1874. Carved cyprus wood. Full size: 67 x 18.1 c 4.6 cm.
Inv. no.: OA 4062. Website (includes different detail)
Pyxis of al-Mughira.
Spain, Madinat al-Zahra (near Cordoba), 968 CE/357 AH. Elephant ivory, carved and engraved; traces of inlay (jade?).
Inv. no.: OA 4068. Website (with links to many close-up images of details)
Spain, Madinat al-Zahra, ca. 970. Elephant ivory, carved and engraved.
OA 2774. Website (with many detailed images)
Dish with bird-filled tree.
Spain, 11th-12th c. CE. Earthenware, overglaze luster decoration, engraving.
Inv. no. : MAO 380. Website