Eastern Metalwork in Collections Outside of Russia

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Included here are primarily objects which were found in Russia or once were in Russian collections but now are in other museums, for the most part outside of Russia or in locations unknown. The images are grouped by city where the museum is located, in alphabetical order. Most are depicted in Smirnov, Vostochnoe serebro.

Here are select portions of the maps in Smirnov showing some of the heaviest concentrations of the finds of Eastern metalwork in the former Russian Empire. The captions are in Russian; the numbers are those of the Smirnov portfolio.

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Berlin (?)

European, imitating Eastern motifs. Silver. Dia. 25 cm.Found prior to 1880, Irbit dist., Perm prov.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 93 (notes location as "Antiquarium, Berlin").
Bowl with image of musician.
Iran or Central Asia, 11th c. Silver. Dia. 13 cm., H. 3.5 cm. Inscr. invokes good fortune for one Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Muhammad. Provenance unknown. Purchased 1902 in Moscow by F. Martin, Stockholm; now in Berlin Museum (which one?).
Pub.: Smirnov no. 146; Darkevich no. 119, pl. 34/1-4, p. 61.

Berlin, Museum für islamische Kunst

Bowl with griffon on central medallion
5th-6th c. Sasanian. Silver, gilding. Dia. 18 cm.(?)
Found 1907, Novo-Bayazet, Erivan prov. Ex-Botkin coll., SPb.; now Museum für Islamische Kunst, Berlin, Inv. No. I.5384
Pub.: Smirnov no. 307.

Dish with image of royal hunt.
7th c. Sasanian. Silver, gilding. Dia. 18.6 cm.
Found 1907, Novo-Bayazet, Erivan prov., ex-Botkin Coll., SPb.; now Museum für islamische Kunst, Berlin, Inv. No. I.4925.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 309; Trever and Lukonin, pp. 78-79.

Flask with cranes between palm trees
7th-8th c. Sasanian. Silver, gilding. H. 16 cm., Dia. 9.2 cm.
Found before 1868 Russia. Ex-Botkin Coll. SPb.; now Musem für Islamische Kunst, Berlin Inv. No. I.4968
Pub.: Smirnov no. 89; Museum of Islamic Art, p. 127.

Geneva, Archaeological Museum.

Dish with lion and snake.
Sasanian. Silver. Dia. 9.1 cm. Found 1875 at Augst, near Basel, Switzerland. Pub.: Smirnov no. 97.

Krakow, Museum Czartoryskich

Lobed dish with man holding bird.
Sasanian. Silver, gilding. L. 27.7 cm., W. 19 cm.
Found 1834-1836, Sedzieczowice (?), Kielce prov., Poland; now in Museum Czartoryskich, Krakow.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 77.

London, British Museum

Dish with bacchanal.
Bactria. Found 1892, Buddhighara, Punjab; now in British Museum.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 41; Crossroads, no. p.
Late Indo-Scythian, 3rd-7th c. CE. Analogies of images with Ajanta cave paintings. Found prior to 1895, N. India.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 310.
Dish showing investiture of Sasanian ruler by Ahura Mazda.
Sasanian. Silver. Dia. 24.3 cm.
Purchased at Rawalpindi, Punjab; now in British Museum.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 39; Trever and Lukonin, pp. 70-72.
Dish depicting Varakhran V (?) on hunt.
Sasanian. Silver. Dia. 20.4 cm.
Prov. unknown; Ex-Sir. Alexander Cunningham coll.; now British Museum.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 54.
Dish depicting feasting or ritual scene.
Sasanian. Silver. Dia. 20.9 cm.
Found 1893, Mazanderan, Persia; now British Musuem, London.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 66.
Flask depicting grape harvest.
Sasanian. Silver, gilding. H. 18.5 cm, max. dia. 10.5 cm. Found 1893, Mazanderan, Persia; now British Museum, London.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 86.
Iran, post-Sasanian. Silver. Dia. 29.6 cm. Found prior to 1870 in Russia. now in British Museum.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 102.
Cup with 4-armed goddess.
1st half 8th c., Khwarezm. Silver. Dia. 12.5 cm., H. 4.4 cm. Appar. found in Urals; purchased 1875 at Nizhnii Novgorod Fair. Ex.- Princess Gagarin coll. Moscow; acq. 1877 by British Museum.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 86; Darkevich no. 79, pl. 26/3-4, p. 44.

London, Victoria and Albert Museum

Dish with feasting scene.
Silver. Dia. ca. 23 cm.?
To 1829 in treasury of emirs of Badakhshan; now Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 35.

Lyons. Musée du Moyen âge et de la Renaissance (Musée des Beaux-Arts?)

Ewer with musicians.
2nd half 8th-9th c., Eastern Iran or Central Asia. Silver. H. 30 cm. Found 1873 Perm prov. Coll. of Musée du Moyen age et de la Renaissance (Musee des Beaux-Arts?), Lyons.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 65; Darkevich no. 71, pl. 7, pp. 41-42.

New York. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Sasanian. Silver. H. ca. 31.3 cm.
Found 1815 or 1823, Khoniakovo, Volynia prov.; in private collection in Lithuania. Now in Metropolitan Museum (NYC), Access. no. 47.100.82, acq. 1947.
Pub.: Smirnov fig. 11; Sasanian Silver, no. 48, p. 131.

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale.

Dish with royal hunt.
Sasanian. Silver. Dia. 30.5 cm.
Prior to 1830 in treasury of Emirs of Badakhshan; now in Bibliothèque nationale, Paris.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 59
Dish, with woman and fantastic animals.
8th c.(?), Iran. Silver. Dia. 25.8 cm. Found prior to 1843 Russia, prob. Urals. Now in Bibliothèque nationale, Paris.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 40; Darkevich figs. 3, 26, pp. 178-183.
Dish with fantastic beast.
7th-8th c., Iran. Silver, gilding. Dia. 24.9 cm. Found Russia before 1843; ex-P.D. Soltykov coll.; now in Bibliothèque nationale, Paris.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 91; Darkevich no. 117, pl. 6/3, p. 60; Marshak T6.
Flask with paired lions.
End 7th-beg. 8th c., Iran. Silver, gilding. H. 34.5 cm.
Found Russia prior to 1846; ex-P. D. Soltykov coll.; now in Bibliothèque nationale, Paris.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 85; Darkevich no. 116, pl. 3, pp. 59-60.
9th c. Gold with semi-precious stones. Dia. 28 cm. Ex-treasury of St. Denis, Paris; now Bibliothèque nationale.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 51.

Stockholm, Historiska Museet.

Cup with kufic inscr.
Late 9th-early 10th c., Iran. Silver. Dia. 10.3 c., H. 5.7 cm. Found 1891 by F. Martin at Barsov gorodok, 10 km. W. of R. Surgut (Tobolsk prov.), now in Historiska Museet, Stockholm.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 145; Darkevich no. 83, pl. 36/8-9, p. 45.

Stockholm (?)

15th-17th c. (?). Silver. 15.5 cm. dia. (?). Purchased 1902 Constantinople. Ex-collection of F. R. Martin, Stockholm. Smirnov notes in group that mixes European and Asiatic motifs; possibly connected with Italian colonies in Black Sea area or Caucasus.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 274.

Washington, D. C., Freer Gallery.

Dish with Shapur II hunting wild boar.
4th-5th c. Sasanian. Silver, gilding. Dia. 29 cm.
Found 1872, Vereino, Perm prov. Ex-Stroganov coll., SPb.; now in Freer Gallery, Washington, D. C. F 1934-23.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 57; Trever and Lukonin, fig. 21, p. 60; Freer website.

Location unknown.

Dish with royal lion hunt.
Sasanian. Silver. Dia. 29.4 cm (?)
To 1829 in treasury of Emirs of Badakhshan; then in coll. of Sir. Alexander Burnes (d. 1841). Now in Britain?
Pub.: Smirnov no. 62.
Ewer with female figure and birds.
Sasanian. Silver. Found 1750 vill. of Sludka, Perm prov.. Stroganov collection, Paris; current location unknown. Image here is from drawing by I. N. Medvedev, copy of 1755 engraving.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 79; Trever and Lukonin, pp. 96-97.
8th c.? Central Asia? Silver. Found 1865 Katandskoe, Tomsk prov. Ex-Rumiantsev Museum, Moscow; now GIM?
Pub.: Smirnov no. 169.
Flask with birds.
9th c., Great Moravia. Silver. Found 1894 vill. Klepikino, Cherdynskii u., Perm prov.; ex-Zelikman coll, Solikamsk.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 154; Darkevich, pl. 55/1, p. 170.
Dish with animals.
9th-10th c., Central Europe/Great Moravia? Silver. Dia. 24 cm. Found 1850-1860, at fortified settlement near R. Sosva, Tobol'sk gub.; once in Museum of the Realgymnasium, Tiumen.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 158; Darkevich pl. 55/4, p. 170.
Dish with royal feast.
2nd half 12th-1st half 13th c., N. or NE Iran. Silver, gilding. Dia. 11.5 cm. Found 1858 vill. Mel'ken, Kama R. basin, Ufa prov.; 1870 inV. S. Skariatin coll. Menzelinsk; 1909 in Museum of the Society for the Promotion of Art, SPb. Current location unknown.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 141; Darkevich no. 15, pl. 38/1-4, p. 14.