Music of the Silk Road:

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In May 2002, the Seattle Symphony hosts internationally renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Project presenting the indigenous music and instruments of Silk Road countries such as Uzbekistan, Iran, Mongolia, Persia, China, Azerbaijan, and more. The Seattle Public Library has a large collection of materials relating to music along the Silk Road, including compact discs, music scores, books, and videos, as well as dozens of compact discs and videos of Yo-Yo Ma. This list is designed to complement your enjoyment of the Silk Road Project concerts.

A Sampling of Material in the Library Related to Music from the Silk Road:

CENTRAL ASIA (Azerbaijan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan)


  • The secret museum of mankind: Ethnic music classics, 1925-1948: Central Asia
    CD780.9 Se25C


  • Mongolia
    CD780.9517 M747
  • Mongolia living music of the steppes
    CD780.9517 M747L
  • Mongolie chants kazakhs et tradition epique de l'Ouest
    CD780.9 Se25C
  • Books:

  • The Music of the Mongols: Eastern Mongolia
    780.9517 H275M


  • Zhou Long, Nature and Spirit
    CD 780.92 C4575N C679
  • Zhou Long, Flowing Stream: Chinese folk songs and tone poems
    CD 785.7194 Z617F D3233
  • Chine musique classique
    CD780.951 C441A
  • Pipa Chinese traditional and contemporary music
    CD 789.20951 W9505P
  • The Hugo masters, an anthology of Chinese classical music
    CD780.951 H874
  • Music Scores:

  • Folk songs of China, Japan, Korea
    M784.4 D568F
  • Chinese lyrics: a collection of twenty-seven compositions of ancient, classic, folk and modern songs
    M784.4 N668C
  • Books:

  • The Chinese ch'in: its history and music
    780.951 L613C
  • Jade flute: the story of Chinese music
    781.751 L14J
  • Chinese music and orchestration: a primer on principles and practice
    784.0951 SHEN 1991


  • Popular folksongs from Russia
    CD780.947 B182P
  • Back Tuva future the adventure continues
    CD780.9575 On1B
  • Cossacks!
    CD780.947 C822
  • Music Scores:

  • A Russian song book
    M784.4 R823Ra
  • Books:

  • Central Asian music
    780.9584 B412C
  • Defining Russia musically
    780.947 TARUSHI
  • A history of Russian-Soviet music
    780.947 B179H


  • Ouzbekistan Uzbekistan
    CD789.20958 AL45o
  • Bukhara musical crossroads of Asia
    CD 789.20958 B869
  • ----------------------



  • Afghanistan on Marco Polo's road: the musicians of Kunduz and Faizabad
    CD 789.20958 Af34
  • Books:

  • Music in the culture of northern Afghanistan
    781.7581 SL52M
  • Republic of GEORGIA


  • Georgian voices
    CD784.4 R928G
  • Georgia the resounding polyphony of the Caucausus
    CD784.4 G296
  • An oath at Khidistavi heroic songs and hymns from Georgia
    CD784.4 An82o


  • Armenian music through the ages
    CD780.95662 H123A
  • The music of Armenia
    CD780.95662 M973
  • Apricots from Eden
    CD780.95662 G213A
  • Books:

  • Essays on Armenian music
    781.76552 Es73
  • Armenian folk songs
    784.4 P756A
  • IRAN


  • Classical music of Iran Dastgah systems
    CD780.955 C569
  • Musique iranienne
    CD 789.20955 C42029M
  • Lost songs of the Silk Road Persian & Indian improvisations
    CD 789.3 G3417L
  • Moon rise over the Silk Road Persian & Indian improvisations
    CD 789.3 G3417M
  • Books:

  • Classical Persian music; an introduction
    780.955 Z76C
  • Daramad of chahargah: a study in the performance practice of Persian music
    780.955 N386D
  • IRAQ


  • Music of Iraq
    CD780.9567 M973
  • Sif Safaa new music from the Middle East
    CD780.956 Si21
  • Les Maqams de Bagdad
    CD 789.20956 M322


  • Syria Islamic Ritual
    CD780.9569 Sy64
  • Al Kindi, Le salon de musiqe d'alep The Aleppian music room
    CD 789.20956 AL105Sa
  • Al Kindi, Les derviches tourneurs de Damas The whirling dervishes of Damascus
    CD 789.20956 AL105L


  • Music of Turkey
    CD780.956 N28M
  • Turkish folk songs and instrumental music
    CD780.956 T847
  • Ancient Turkish music in Europe
    CD780.94 K236A
  • Books:

  • Makam: modal practice in Turkish art music
    781.7561 Si26M
  • Turkish folk music from Asia Minor
    781.7561 B285T


  • Rembetica historic urban folk songs from Greece
    CD780.9495 R282
  • Chants & dances populaires de Grece
    CD780.9495 M449C
  • Greek traditional village music and dance
    CD780.9495 G811
  • Folk songs and dances of the Greek Islands
    CD780.9495 F718
  • Music Scores:

  • Folk songs of Greece
    M784.4 AL25F
  • World Charts presents the Greek songbook
    M784.4 W8928
  • ---------------------

    A Sampling of Materials in the Library by Yo-Yo Ma


  • The New York Album
    CD787.3 M11N
  • Appalachian Journey
    CD 785.7193 M1109A S6678
  • Simply Baroque
    CD 784.374 M1109S S6068
  • Solo
    CD 787.4 M1109S
  • Unaccompanied Cello Suites
    CD 787.4185 B1224 BWV.1007 C3786
  • Videos:

  • Tokyo Waltz
    VHS 787 TOKYO W
  • Sarabande (from the series Yo-Yo Ma, inspired by Bach)
    VHS 787.4 SARABAN
  • Struggle for Hope (from the series Yo-Yo Ma, inspired by Bach)
  • Falling Down Stairs (from the series Yo-Yo Ma, inspired by Bach)
    VHS 792.84 FALLING
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