Application Resources

Here are some materials that might help you prepare for the SIMUW admission problems.
  • Problems and solutions from selected past SIMUW applications
    Problems   2013   2012   2011   2010
    Solutions   2013   2012   2011   2010    

  • Books suggested by past participants
    1. Zeitz, The Art and Craft of Problem Solving
    2. Engel, Problem Solving Strategies
    3. Coxeter and Greitzer, Geometry Revisited
    4. Andreescu, Problems from the Book
    5. Burton, Elementary Number Theory

  • Web resources suggested by past participants
    1. The Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)
    2. AoPS Olympiad Resources
    3. AoPS Forum

  • Other materials suggested by SIMUW staff
    The books below are less advanced than the ones suggested by the participants and might be a good place to start
    1. The Art of Problem Solving series of textbooks (available from the Art of Problem Solving website, above) In particular:
      • Intermediate Algebra
      • Intermediate Counting and Probability
      • Introduction to Geometry
      • Introduction to Number Theory
    2. Books for high school students written by the legendary Russian Mathematician I.M. Gelfand and his students and collaborators:
      • Algebra by I. M. Gelfand and A. Shen
      • Trigonometry by I. M. Gelfand and M. Saul
      • Functions and Graphics by I. M. Gelfand, E. G. Glagoleva and E. E. Shnol
    3. Mathematical Circles (Russian experience) by D. Fomin, S. Genkin, I. Itenberg, particularly the sections on
      • Geometry
      • Divisibility
      • Inequalities

If you are a past SIMUWer and you have other suggestions for our lists, we'd love to hear from you!