Student Legal Services

Employment Opportunities

Legal Interns

Applications for legal intern positions may be found on the law school’s Symplicity site.

Legal interns must be law students at the University of Washington who are authorized by the Washington Supreme Court to practice law under Rule 9 of the Admission to Practice Rules. They work around 10 hours per week at Student Legal Services (SLS) during their last year of law school. SLS employs seven interns during the school year. One intern is hired to work full-time during the summer before her or his third year. They may choose to be regularly paid, work-study, or externs receiving academic credit. SLS begins hiring 2Ls winter quarter to start work in the next academic year.

Legal Assistants

Applications for legal assistant positions may be found on HuskyJobs when openings are available.

SLS employs two legal assistants. Legal assistants must be UW undergraduates with freshman or sophomore standing who are committed to staying at SLS until they graduate. Ideal candidates will have prior experience in a law office, legal setting, or confidential environment. Legal assistants work part-time during the school year and may also work summers. They may choose to be regularly paid, work-study, or as externs for academic credit.