Aronson Makes UW Today Headlines

SMEA graduate student Rachel Aronson's successful fundraising via for her thesis research was recently highlighted by UW Today, the UW's electronic newspaper and web site. Aronson successfully raised $3,492 via to fund her summer 2012 thesis research trip to Unalakleet, Alaska. According to the article in UW Today, roughly half the donations came from people she did not know. Her research focuses on climate refugees, those people whose homes and cultures are at risk of disappearing due to climate change. She will spend her summer interviewing people to determine how they will preserve their culture when their villages and homes are no longer livable. Aronson is the first SMEA student to experiment with crowdfunding thesis research, and one of only a handful of UW students known to have used crowdfunding to support scientific research. To read the UW Today article, please click here. To read Aronson's blog about her time in Alaska, visit