Recent SMEA Student and Alumni Publications

Congratulations to a number of recent SMEA alumni, current students, and their faculty members on recent publications!

SMEA alumna Laura Wigand and her thesis mentors Professors Terrie Klinger and Miles Logsdon recently published their research in the ICES Journal of Marine Science, "Patterns in groundfish abundance along the Eastern Bering Sea outer continental margin." According to SMEA Professor David Fluharty, "not only is this a significant publication in its own right, it is also highly relevant to the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council's considerations of the Bering Sea Canyons." Working to bring her thesis to publication was a "great experience," according to Wigand. "The publication process was new to me, and allowed me an opportunity to continue to learn after graduation and push my research that extra step. I really appreciated the process as it gave me a chance to work with my committee in a new way, to work with them as peers." Citation: Wigand, L. A., Klinger, T., and Logsdon, M. G. 2013. Patterns in groundfish abundance along the Eastern Bering Sea outer continental margin. – ICES Journal of Marine Science, 70: 1181–1197. For more information, please visit the ICES site here.

Other SMEA alumni have also recently been published in the online version of Conservation Biology with SMEA Assistant Professor Lekelia ("Kiki") Jenkins. Diana Pietri, Audrey Kuklok, Libby Whiting, and Jenkins were among the authors to a paper about how graduate students can bridge the research-implementation gap and influence conservation outcomes. "Other than my giving them the idea for the paper and some organizational structure, the students really took charge," Dr. Jenkins said."It was a very professional and fulfilling process to work with the grad students. I’ve written papers with senior researchers and fewer authors that didn’t go nearly as smoothly. If I had another opportunity like this one to write jointly with such quality students, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it." Citation: Pietri, D.M., Gurney, G.G., Benitez-Vina, N., Kuklok, A., Maxwell, S.M., Vina, M.A., Whiting, L., Jenkins, L.D. 2013, Practical recommendations to help students bridge the research-implementation gap and promote conservation. Conservation Biology. DOI: 10.1111/cobi.12089. For more information, please visit the Conservation Biology article here.

Last but not least, SMEA student Britta Timpagne-Padgham recently co-authored a paper on anthropogenic noise in lakes. "The Soundscapes of Lakes Across an Urbanization Gradient" was published in an Open Access journal, PLOS One. Timpagne-Padgham reports that this publication provided her with "the experience of seeing a project through from the initial collection of data, to analysis, and finally creation of a manuscript." Moreover, she learned "how much work it takes to complete a project and also a little about the politics of publishing research." Citation: Kuehne LM, Padgham BL, Olden JD (2013) The Soundscapes of Lakes across an Urbanization Gradient. PLoS ONE 8(2): e55661. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0055661. Find that article here.