SMEA Professors Win College of the Environment Awards

The University of Washington College of the Environment recently selected SMEA Associate Professors Nives Dolšak and David Fluharty to be the recipients of two prestigious annual College of the Environment awards. Prof. Dolsak won the award for Outstanding Teaching Faculty, and Prof. Fluharty won the award for Outstanding Community Impact. At the awards ceremony, Dean Lisa Graumlich praised both of these SMEA faculty members for their contributions within and outside of the university, and the difference they are making in the lives of students and the field of marine and environmental affairs. Prof. Dolšak's extraordinary efforts to teach a class three different ways to meet the needs of three different student groups was highlighted, as well as her dedication to her students and ability to make classes stimulating, challenging, and rewarding for students. Prof. Fluharty has been engaged for many years in numerous public policy arenas, leaving his mark especially in regional fisheries management and ecosystem-based management. His long and commendable service was applauded, as was his ability to be a leader and the voice of reason through many contentious public policy and management challenges. SMEA is proud to have both of these oustanding professors at our school, and congratulates them on this recognition of their achievements and contributions.