Superhuman Dimensions: innertube basketball champions!

The Superhuman Dimensions Champions!

SMEA's intramural innertube basketball team, Superhuman Dimensions, went undefeated in the 2014 season, going 3-0 in the Tuesday night pool, and then 4-0 in the single elimination playoffs. They averaged 22.67 points while their opponents were held to just 9.33 points per game. Their final game against the Accounting Masters' team, Voluntary Conversions, resulted in a 26-18 victory for Superhuman Dimensions, giving them the champion title! Congratulations!

Team members included:

Ezra Beaver

Trina Blake

Mike Chang

Jack Cheney

Josh Cummings

Adi Hanein

Jesse Harms

Scott Jackson

Emily Kelly

Laura Nelson

Charlie Waters (SAFS)