Women and Fish: Thesis Research Blog by Clabots

SMEA graduate student Barbie Clabots is in the Philippines this summer, studying the relationship between women and fish for her thesis research. She is blogging about her 12 weeks there, at www.womenandfish.wordpress.com.

(Photo credit: Barbie Clabots)

That's Barbie in the middle in the pink and white shirt, surrounded by women who help manage a marine sancturay in Maite, Siquijor.

Barbie's thesis' working title is "Gender considerations in participatory Coastal Resource Management in the Philippines." She is studying this topic because women are an especially vulnerable population when it comes to coastal management. Her goal for her research is "To better understand how women are currently involved in and affected by coastal resource management (CRM), and to assess opportunities for including gender considerations in CRM monitoring and management activities." Check out Barbie's blog to learn more about what she is doing and learning from her on-the-ground research in the Philippines!