Marc Hershman Marine Policy Fellowship

Washington Sea Grant manages the Marc Hershman Marine Policy Fellowship, describing it as a program that places "four graduate students or recent graduates for one year with host offices in Olympia, Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, working on ocean and coastal science and management issues. The Hershman Fellowship offers a first-hand experience in crafting marine and natural resource policies and enables fellows to share their academic expertise with state decision makers." This Fellowship was created to honor the memory and legacy of former SMEA Professor and Director Marc Hershman, who had a tremendous impact locally and nationally in shaping marine policy. For application and deadline information, please visit the Washington Sea Grant web site here.

Congratulations to the SMEA graduates who have recieved these prestigious and invaluable fellowships!


2013 Recipients:

Rachel Aronson, placed at the Washington State Department of Ecology

Hilary Frost Browning, placed at the Washington State Department of Health

Haley Harguth, placed at the Puget Sound Partnership


2012 Recipients:

Kara Cardinal

Libby Whiting

Connie Sullivan

Laura Wigand

Gretchen Glaub


2011 Recipients:

Bridget Emmett

Heather Gibbs

Clara Hard


2009 Recipient:

Jamie Mooney


2008 Recipient:

Angie Frederickson