GSFEI Travel Awards

Graduate Student Travel Awards administered by the Graduate School Fund for Excellence and Innovation (simply known as “GSFEI Travel Awards”) help to defray travel fares of graduate students attending conferences or other professional meetings in order to present a paper or serve as an invited speaker.  

The fund may only be used to pay for travel fares (i.e. the funds may not be used for registration fees, food, lodging, etc.).  Additionally, students must be currently enrolled when funds are dispersed in order to receive the money.  If you have any questions regarding what the award covers and/or your eligibility for the award, please confer with Tiffany Dion.

GSFEI awards up to $300 for domestic travel and up to $500 for international travel.

To apply for these funds, you must do so through the SMEA Graduate Program Advisor, Tiffany Dion