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Professor (Emeritus), School of Marine and Environmental Affairs; Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences; Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Economics


  • Ph.D. 1975 University of Washington (Economics)
  • M.A. 1972 University of Washington (Economics)
  • B.A. 1968 University of Redlands (Economics)

Current Academic Appointments

  • Emeritus Professor, School of Marine Affairs, University of Washington (2011)
  • Adjunct Faculty, Department of Economics, University of Washington (1991)
  • Adjunct Faculty, School of Aquatic and Fishery Science, University of Washington (1990)

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Daniel Huppert

Recent Professional Activities

2012- 2013 Member, Scientific and Statistical committee, Pacific Fishery Management Council

 Univ. Oregon Climate Economics Steering Committee


Chair, Ten-Year Review Committee, Evans School of Public Affairs


Member Ad HocTrawl Individual Quotas (TIQ) Independent Experts Panel, Pacific Fishery Management Council


Member, Review Panel for Northwest Straits Commission Evaluation


Member, Review Committee for Alaska Sea Grant Program


Member, NRC Committee on Restoration and Protection of Coastal Louisiana


Steering Committee, Pacific Northwest Coastal Ecosystems Regional Study


Associate Editor, Marine Resource Economics


Member, Independent Economic Analysis Board, Northwest Power and Conservation Council


Member, National Research Council Committee to Review the Community Development Quota Program in Alaska


Chair, Economics Technical Committee on Snake River Salmon Endangered Species


Member, Scientific and Statistical Committee, North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Recent Funded Research

WDFW, Ruckelshaus Center, Economics Analysis Subtask in “WDFW Surplus Hatchery Salmon Distribution Assessment”.  June 21 – August 20, 2010 ($17,174).

NOAA, NMFS, Northwest Fisheries Science Center. "Rapid and Efficient Assessment of the Impacts of Harmful Algal Blooms on Washington State Coastal, Commercial, Recreational, and Tribal Subsistence Fisheries. August 2007-September 2008.

Washington State Department of Trade and Economic Development. Coasts portion of "A Comprehensive Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change on the State of Washington", a project under UW's Climate Impacts Group, JISAO. July 2007-June 2009.

Northwest Marine Trade Association. Economics Forecasting Model for Sport Boat Sales in the State of Washington. Oct. 2005-March 2006.

Washington Department of Ecology. Economics of the Columbia River Initiative. July 2003–December 2004.

Fishing Vessel Owner’s Association & others. Study of Supply Effects on Sablefish Market Price. July 2003–June 2004.

Selected Publications

Lewitus, Alan J., Horner Rita A. , Caron, David A., Garcia-Mendoza, Ernesto, Hickey, Barbara M., Hunter, Matthew;  Huppert, Daniel D.,  Kelly, Deirdre;  Kudela, Raphael M., Langlois, Gregg W., Largier, John L.; Lessard, Evelyn J.; RaLonde, Raymond;  Rensel, J.E. Jack; Strutton, Peter G.; Trainer, Vera L.; Tweddle, Jacqueline F. 2012. Harmful Algal Blooms along the North American West Coast Region:  History, Trends, Causes, and Impacts. Harmful Algae: Vol. 19: 133-159.

Zelasney, Joseph, Daniel Huppert and Thomas Leschine. 2011. The influence of oil price on maritime routing of containerized imports from China. Maritime Economics & Logistics Vol. 13, 3, 298–318

Antonelis, Kyle, Daniel Huppert, Don Velasquez, and Jeffrey June. 2011. Dungeness Crab Mortality due to Lost Traps and a Cost-benefit analysis of Trap Removal in Washington State Water of the Salish Sea. North American Journal of Fisheries Management. Volume 31, Issue 5, pp. 880-893.

Karen Dyson, Daniel D. Huppert. 2010. "Regional economic impacts of razor clam beach closures due to harmful algal blooms (HABS) on the Pacific Coast of Washington." Harmful Algae 9(6): 264-271.

Slaughter, R., A. F. Hamlet, D. D. Huppert, J. Hamilton, and P. W. Mote. 2009. Mandates vs. markets: Addressing over-allocation of Pacific Northwest river basins. To appear in Water Policy. 1-14.

Naish, Kerry A., Joseph E. Taylor III, Phillip S. Levin, Thomas P. Quinn, James R. Winton, Daniel Huppert, Ray Hilborn. 2008. "An evaluation of the effects of conservation and fishery enhancement hatcheries on widl populations of salmon." Advances in Marine Biology 53: 61-194.

Jane Kaje and Daniel Huppert. 2007. The value of short-run climate forecasts in managing the coastal coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) fishery in Washington State. Natural Resource Modeling 20(2): 321-349.

Huppert, D. D. 2007. "Auctions of IFQs as a Means to Share the Rent." Chap. 5 in Trond Bjorndal, Daniel V. Gordon, Ragnar Arnason and Rashid Sumaila (Editors). Advances in Fishery Economics: Festschrift in Honour of Professor Gordon R. Munro. Blackwell Publishing.

Bryant, Beth C. and Dan Huppert. 2006. Why "Separating Science and Management" Confuses the Debate over Management Reform in U.S. Fisheries. Fisheries 31(3): 127-129.

Huppert, D. D. 2005. "An Overview of Property Rights in Fisheries." Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 15: 201-215.

Huppert, Daniel D. 2006. Auctions of IFQs as a Means to Share the Rent. Accepted for publication in a Festshrift for Gordon Munro. Trond Bjorndal, editor. Blackwell.

Huppert, Daniel D., Rebecca L. Johnson, Jessica Leahy and Kathleen Bell. 2003. Connections between Human Communities and Estuaries in the Pacific Northwest. Estuaries 4(4B): 994-1009.

Bell, Kathleen, Daniel Huppert, and Rebecca Johnson. 2003. “Willingness to Pay for Local Coho Salmon Enhancement in Coastal Communities”. Marine Resource Economics 18(1): 15-32.

Hamlet, A.F., Huppert, D., Lettenmaier, D.P., 2002. Economic Value of Long-Lead Streamflow Forecasts for Columbia River Hydropower, Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management(March/April): 91-101.

Huppert, Daniel D. and Gunnar Knapp. 2001. “Technology and Property Rights in Fisheries Management”. In T. Anderson and P. J. Hill (Ed.s) Technology of Property Rights Rowman & Littlefield Publishers: Lanham, Maryland. In the PERC Political Economy Forum Series.

Huppert, Daniel D. 1999. “Snake River Salmon Recovery: Quantifying the Costs”. Contemporary Economic Policy 17(4):476-491.

Instructional Activities

  • SMA 501 Integrated Marine Affairs Practice (with Prof. Miller) Fall 2004
  • SMA 536 Introduction to Economics of Marine Policy. 1990, 1997-2001, 2004-2008
  • SMA/ECON 537 Economics of Marine Policy I. Winter 1993-1995, 1997-2002, 2004-2008
  • SMA/ECON 538 Economics of Marine Policy II. Spring 1990-95, 1997-1999, 2001, 2004-2008
  • SMA 550A Seminar: Thesis Research. Spring 2004 , Spring 2007
  • SMA 550C/FISH 507C Advanced Seminar in Fisheries Management, Spring 1991
  • SMA/FISH 581 Case Histories in Fisheries Management, Autumn 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1998, 2002 , 2006, 2008
  • SMA/FISH 582 Contemporary Issues in Fish Management, Winter 1990 - 92, 1994, 1995, 1997
  • PBAF 595A/SMA 550/ENVIR 500 C Northwest Salmon Crisis: Values, Science, Policy, and Politics. A year-long University Seminar and Lecture Series, taught with Richard Zerbe of the Evans School. 2001-2002

Recent Presentations, Lectures and Workshops

June 2005. Daniel Huppert and Jane Kaje. “Evaluating  climate forecast value in fishery management: An application to the coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) fishery in Washington State.” Workshop on Economic Effects of Climate Change on Fisheries, June 20-21. Norwegian School of Business and Economics, Bergen, Norway.

June 2005. Daniel Huppert. "Capturing Rents and Recovering Costs: the Geoduck Management Systems in Washington State and British Columbia". Presented at Workshop on Rent Capture from Fisheries. Bergen Norway.

May 2005. Huppert, Daniel and Jennifer Kassakian. “Fishing Cooperatives: Varieties and Conceptual Framework”. Presented at the North American Federation of Fisheries Economists, Vancouver, B.C.

September 2004. Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission Annual Meeting, Seattle. Presentation on “Assessing the Future of Sablefish Culture in BC and Impact on the Fishery.”

August 2004. Conference in Honor of Gordon Munro. University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Presented paper “Partial Auctions of IFQs: A Means to Share the ‘Rent’.”

June 2004. Western Economics Association Meeting, Vancouver, BC. Presentation of paper “Assessing the Future of Sablefish Culture in British Columbia.”

May 2004. Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Conference. Tacoma. Presentation on “Economic Consequences of Climate Change in Columbia Basin.”

April 2004. Brown-bag Seminar with B. Best, Economics Department, Impacts of Aquaculture on Sablefish Markets.

March 2004. Special presentation in Seminar on Conflicts and Rivers (Prof. Marcia Baker)

June 2003. Co-organized (with D. Layton) a 2-day workshop on Spatial Fisheries Economic Modeling Workshop: Application to the Bering Sea Pollock Catcher Boat Fishery. At Univ. of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture.

April 2003. NOAA Fisheries Workshop on Revealing the Value of Habitat in NOAA Fisheries Programs, Long Beach, CA. Presentation “The Value of Ecosystem Services: Principles for Valuing Fish Habitat.”

April 2003. Presented paper on “Mean-Variance Trade-offs in Harvest Strategies: Observations from the Pacific Whiting Fishery” at NAAFE Forum, Williamsburg, VA.

February 2003. Seminars on "MPAs in Fishery Management: What Can Economics Contribute?" presented at NOAA-Fisheries Honolulu Laboratory and at Univ. Hawaii at Hilo.

November 2002. 2 Seminar Presentations at NOAA-Fisheries Santa Cruz, CA laboratory: “Management of Salmon in the Columbia River basin” and “Socio-Economics Research on PNW Estuaries.”