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Professor, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs and the Jackson School of International Studies

Major Interests

  • Social Feasibility of Ecosystem Based Management and Marine Protected Areas
  • Integrated Coastal Management
  • Marine Protected Area Impacts on Coral Reef Fisheries and Fishing Communities
  • Participatory Research
  • Qualitative Social Research Methods


Patrick has led various comparative, socio-ecological research projects in Puget Sound, Philippines, the Coral Triangle region, and Latin America to inform the practice of marine resource management. His research in Puget Sound has identified factors affecting resource management policy success and structures of scientific networks. He is particularly interested in the human dimensions of marine conservation employing marine protected areas, ecosystem-based management, and marine spatial planning which resulted in a Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation. He recently led a review of the US-support program for the Coral Triangle Initiative in six countries that involved interviewing thousands of fishers and policy makers.

Patrick provides technical advice on the human dimensions of marine conservation to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, World Bank, USAID, and various governmental and non-governmental environmental organizations. In addition to his scholarship, he is actively engaged in marine protected area design and implementation in various locations. He draws from his three years of experience living in a Philippine fishing community implementing a community-based marine protected area as a Peace Corps Volunteer. He is an Editor-In-Chief for the peer reviewed journal Coastal Management and former national board member for The Coastal Society. He has a Bachelors degree in zoology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Masters degree in conservation biology and Doctorate in environmental sociology and policy from the University of Michigan.


  • B.S., Zoology, 1987 University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • M.S., Conservation Biology, 1993, University of Michigan
  • Ph.D., Natural Resources and Environment, 1999, University of Michigan
    Dissertation title: In a Country Without Forest, No Life Is Good: Participatory Action Research in the Neo-Liberal Context of Nicaragua (Volume I) PDF

Selected Publications

Where PDF files are available, links to them are provided at the end of the citation.

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