Research Associate (Postdoctoral Fellow), School of Marine and Environmental Affairs


  • Marine Resource Management
  • International Live Reef Fish Trades
  • Human Dimensions of Marine Protected Areas
  • Quantitative Social and Ecological Methods

Todd has worked as a conservation practitioner and researcher in twelve countries across the tropical Pacific for more than a decade.  He is broadly interested in understanding the coupling between marine resource users and marine resources and how these attributes are influenced by state, federal and international management policies and initiatives.  His doctoral research blended ecological and social sciences to examine how a marine protected area network impacted coastal residents and marine resources in Hawai`i.  Prior to his Doctorate, Todd worked for the USDA Forest Service, Florida Museum of Natural History, and Conservation International, and volunteered with the US Peace Corps in Papua New Guinea. He was recently appointed as an Associated Editor for the journal Coastal Management, and continues to work with SMEA faculty on research projects in the Asia-Pacific and Washington.  Todd completed his Bachelors degree in Natural Resource Management from the Colorado State University and Doctorate in Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences from the Washington State University.


B.S., Natural Resource Management, 1999, Colorado State University

Ph.D., Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences, 2013, Washington State University

Dissertation title: Social-Ecological Implications of Using Marine Protected Areas for Managing an Ornamental Fishery in Hawaii.


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