ARTstor icons

When viewing thumbnails in ARTstor after a search or while browsing, you may notice icons under some of the thumbnails and wonder what they are. Here is a brief explanation:

ViewDuplicates+DetailsView duplicates and details: clicking on this icon will bring up other views or details of the same work that can be found within ARTstor. This is also called the clustered image icon.

YouMayAlsoBeInterestedInYou may also be interested in…: clicking on this icon will bring up other images that have been used in conjunction with the image you found in slideshows created by other ARTstor users at your institution.

IAPImages for Academic Publishing: images marked with this icon may be used at no cost for certain types of academic publishing. You must click on the icon and follow the instructions in order to get access to an image of publishable quality.

QTVRView quick time movie: clicking on this icon will bring up a small window that contains a QuickTime movie that can be rotated and zoomed. Note that it is not possible to download these movies; they can only be viewed while connected to ARTstor.


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