Downloading ARTstor groups to PowerPoint

The ARTstor folks recently added the capability to download image groups directly into PowerPoint. This works on either Windows or Mac computers. Here are a few things to note before explaining further:

You must have an ARTstor account in order to save groups of images.

You should have pop up blocking turned off in your browser.

You must have the most recent version of PowerPoint (with the .pptx file suffix) for it to work automatically.

You are limited to downloading 1000 images in a 120 day period.

To download to PowerPoint, open one of your saved groups in ARTstor. If you want, you can click and drag the images into a specific order before downloading. Click on the icon that looks like a projection screen partly pulled down; it’s in the beige bar above the thumbnails. A prompt window will open, which tells you how many images you are able to download in the current 120 day period. Click Yes to continue and then click Accept to accept the terms of agreement. A new window will pop up showing the progress of the download. When download and construction of the slideshow is complete, the window disappears. The slideshow will be wherever your computer saves downloaded internet files, which is usually in your Downloads folder. Open the file and save it to wherever you want it.

Note that the PowerPoint slideshow will be titled the same as your ARTstor group. It will have one image per slide with a black background. Of special interest is that the metadata for each image is included in the notes section for that slide. Some minor image resizing may be needed on horizontals.

Individual downloading of images with an ARTstor account is also possible as described in a previous post.

If you need a refresher on how to create an ARTstor group, follow this link.

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