ARTstor from off campus

NOTE: With the debut of a new UW Libraries website in September 2013, the “off-campus access” button is no longer needed. Simply navigate to a UW Libraries webpage with a link to ARTstor as described below. When you click on the ARTstor link, you will be prompted to login with your UW NetID. Then log into your ARTstor account if you want to be able to download images.

ARTstor and many other UW Libraries resources are restricted to UW users only. This means that when you are off campus, you must log in to use these resources. For ARTstor, the best place to start when off campus is this UW Libraries webpage. In the upper right of this page, you will see an “off-campus access” button. Click this and log in with your UW NetID. You should be returned to the same webpage after logging in, and you’ll see that the color of the “off-campus access” button has changed from red to green. You can now click on the Art & Design link in the middle of the page and then on the ARTstor link (or a link for any of the other resources on this site) and start using it.

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