New Image Importer for PowerPoint

With a recent upgrade to OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard), I discovered that the workflow for importing groups of images into PowerPoint no longer works. It is now upgraded for OS 10.6 and saved as an app (rather than a workflow), and a link is below. Two improvements have been added:

  1. You can now select multiple folders of images at the same time. All will be combined into one PowerPoint slideshow.
  2. You can choose a top level folder or folders and the script will select all jpeg or jpg images within the folder(s).

PP 2008 OS 10.6 batch image

Once the zipped file is downloaded, double-click to un-zip the app and save it to your desktop or elsewhere for future use.

Simply double-click the app, navigate to the image folder(s), select, and click on choose. A PowerPoint slideshow will be created with the images. Note that it’s best to not have an already existing PowerPoint slideshow open when you do this.

As with the previous importing workflow, if you have images that are 1024 pixels wide but taller than 768 (or an equivalent ratio), you will see that the images bleed off the bottom of the slide. It’s fairly easy to spot these and resize them as needed.

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