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Creating Text Slides for MDID

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

People who use MDID as their presentation tool sometime want text slides as part of their slideshows. It is not possible to create these in MDID, but they can be created in PowerPoint, exported in a specific way, and added to MDID. (more…)

Custom Exporting from iPhoto

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Many Apple computer owners use iPhoto to manage their personal images. Here is a brief explanation of how to export images from iPhoto for use in PowerPoint or for other purposes. Click on the thumbnails below to see the full image.

First, select the images that you want to export. If you want everything in a folder or slideshow, go to Edit–Select All (image 1). (more…)

New Image Importer for PowerPoint – Again

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

With an Apple operating system upgrade to Lion (10.7) came the need to upgrade the image importer for PowerPoint.

PP 2011 OS 10.7 batch

This works similarly to the 10.6 batch importer, so read this earlier post for additional information.  However, the 10.7 importer no longer has the ability to filter for jpeg and jpg files, so make sure these are the only file types in the folders you choose for importing. The filtering step kept causing the workflow to crash.

Combining PowerPoint Slideshows

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

A new workflow feature in OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) is the ability to combine PowerPoint slideshows. This should be very helpful for people who want to combine slideshows created from soaMDID images or personal images with slideshows generated from ARTstor. I have created an app saved from a workflow; the link is below.

PP 2008 OS 10.6 slideshow

As I said in my previous post, once the zipped file is downloaded, double-click to un-zip the app and save it to your desktop or elsewhere for future use. Once you start the app, use the command key and mouse clicks to select more than one slideshow then click on the choose button.  Be patient as it combines the slideshows.

NOTE: This can be used to combine ppt OR pptx files, but it will crash if you try to combine ppt AND pptx files.

New Image Importer for PowerPoint

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

With a recent upgrade to OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard), I discovered that the workflow for importing groups of images into PowerPoint no longer works. It is now upgraded for OS 10.6 and saved as an app (rather than a workflow), and a link is below. Two improvements have been added:

  1. You can now select multiple folders of images at the same time. All will be combined into one PowerPoint slideshow.
  2. You can choose a top level folder or folders and the script will select all jpeg or jpg images within the folder(s).

PP 2008 OS 10.6 batch image

Once the zipped file is downloaded, double-click to un-zip the app and save it to your desktop or elsewhere for future use.

Simply double-click the app, navigate to the image folder(s), select, and click on choose. A PowerPoint slideshow will be created with the images. Note that it’s best to not have an already existing PowerPoint slideshow open when you do this.

As with the previous importing workflow, if you have images that are 1024 pixels wide but taller than 768 (or an equivalent ratio), you will see that the images bleed off the bottom of the slide. It’s fairly easy to spot these and resize them as needed.

Packaging soaMDID slideshows for PowerPoint

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Many people with soaMDID accounts prefer to use PowerPoint as their presentation tool. There is a relatively simple way to export groups of images from soaMDID; it’s called Package. I have a document that explains how to Package. After you have the resulting folder of images, you can then go to this earlier posting to learn how to load all the images into PowerPoint at one time.

Presentation remote control

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

If you prefer to not be tied to your computer keyboard while giving an MDID or PowerPoint presentation, then it may be worth buying a presentation remote. There are a wide variety of remotes out there, but my favorite is made by Kensington. It is available on Amazon for under $35. It has buttons for forward, reverse, and blanking the screen, plus it has a laser pointer. A newer version also has 2gb of memory on the receiver so that it can double as a USB drive. It costs around $50.

Kensington Remote 33374

PowerPoint converters

Friday, September 25th, 2009

If you want to download ARTstor groups direct to PowerPoint, but you’re having problems with the fact that the PowerPoint files ARTstor produces are in .pptx format, you may benefit from software that will convert .pptx files to .ppt. Here are options for each platform (and they work for other MS Office software like Word and Excel):



Downloading ARTstor groups to PowerPoint

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

The ARTstor folks recently added the capability to download image groups directly into PowerPoint. This works on either Windows or Mac computers. Here are a few things to note before explaining further:

You must have an ARTstor account in order to save groups of images.

You should have pop up blocking turned off in your browser.

You must have the most recent version of PowerPoint (with the .pptx file suffix) for it to work automatically.

You are limited to downloading 1000 images in a 120 day period.

To download to PowerPoint, open one of your saved groups in ARTstor. If you want, you can click and drag the images into a specific order before downloading. Click on the icon that looks like a projection screen partly pulled down; it’s in the beige bar above the thumbnails. A prompt window will open, which tells you how many images you are able to download in the current 120 day period. Click Yes to continue and then click Accept to accept the terms of agreement. A new window will pop up showing the progress of the download. When download and construction of the slideshow is complete, the window disappears. The slideshow will be wherever your computer saves downloaded internet files, which is usually in your Downloads folder. Open the file and save it to wherever you want it.

Note that the PowerPoint slideshow will be titled the same as your ARTstor group. It will have one image per slide with a black background. Of special interest is that the metadata for each image is included in the notes section for that slide. Some minor image resizing may be needed on horizontals.

Individual downloading of images with an ARTstor account is also possible as described in a previous post.

If you need a refresher on how to create an ARTstor group, follow this link.

Importing Groups of Images into PowerPoint

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Windows users of PowerPoint (PP) have the option of importing folders full of images into PowerPoint using the Photo Album feature. This is possible in PP2010PP2007 and PP2003.

PP on Macs does not have this feature, but there are workarounds. For the 2004 version of PP, there is an AppleScript application that will do this. For the 2008 version, an Automator workflow can be used. Below are links and notes for those.  NOTE: if your computer is running Snow Leopard (OS 10.6), you need to use the image importer in this entry instead.

Batch importer for 2004 PP [Save to your desktop and unzip; open a new, unformatted slideshow then double-click on the icon for the batch importer; navigate to the folder of images and click choose; wait while it inserts all the images.]

Batch importer for 2008 PP

Instructions for 2008 PP batch importer