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  decorative cubeSocial Skills Rating Scale - SSRS

Frank M. Gresham & Stephen N. Elliot (Authors)
American Guidance Service (Publisher)
4201 Woodland Road
Circle Pines, MN 55014-1794
(800) 328-2560

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(as of 06/2001)

Presch/elem starter set = $149.95 (10 forms).
SSRS-ASSIST for individual scoring and reporting = $225.95

Description Allows you to combine teacher report, parent report, and child report together to look at a more complete picture of social behaviors. No specific examples of test questions or administration, but you can request a free sampler off the web. Also, there is a version SSRS-ASSIST which includes a computer program that will condense information and pinpoint specific behavior problems that should be addressed in intervention, provides a detailed analysis of positive and negative behaviors.
Content: What it Tests 3 scales: social skills (cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, self-control), problem behaviors (external, internal, hyperactivity), academic competence.
Time 10-25 min. ea. questionnaire
Age 3-18
Scores Provided Stand scores, percentile ranks, behavior levels (fewer, avg., and more) freq. and importance ratings to pinpoint specific behavior probs.; separate norms for boys/girls and for with or without disabilities.
Reliability Description, but no data.
Validity "Socially validated behaviors," no data.


If you are a professional and have not previously answered our
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