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  decorative cubeTest of Pragmatic Language (TOPL)

Diana Phelps-Terasaki and Trisha Phelps-Gunn (Authors)
The Psychological Corporation (Publisher)
555 Academic Court
San Antonio, TX 78204
(800) 211-8378

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(as of 06/2001)

Complete Kit: includes examiner's manual, 25 profile/record forms, storage box = $149.00 (doesn't mention picture book, but should be included)

Order from Super Duper, Inc:
Complete Kit: includes examiner's manual, picture book, 25 profile/record forms, storage box = $143.00

Description Use to evaluate social language skills; designed to be used with a complete battery of tests (they don't specify what) 44 items, each establishes a social context. Show a picture to the child and offer a verbal stimulus to elicit a response to the dilemma presented.
Content: What it Tests Measures students ability to effectively use pragmatic language (language used socially to achieve goals, involving not only what is said, but why and for what purpose): 6 core sub-components: physical setting, audience, topic, purpose (speech acts), visual-gestural cues, and abstraction.
Time 30-45 minutes
Age 5-13; 11
Scores Provided Percentile ranks, quotient, age equivalent.

Strong Reliability Scores:
Internal consistency: > .80 for all ages (except age 6 = .74) (coefficient alpha means)

Interscorer: .99 (correlation coefficients)

Standard Error of measurement: 5.0 - 6.7 (depending on age level); average = 6.3
(the lower the SEM the better)


Content validity: using "point biserial correlation technique": .22-.49 for discrimination (depending on age) and .57-.92 for difficulty (depending on age) (point-biserial correlations of .20 or greater are viewed as strong).

Concurrent validity: .82 (correlation coefficients)

Construct validity: for age: .55

For spoken language: .7

For school achievement: .32 (math), .39 (writing), .55 (reading)

For mental ability: .68

For differentiation of language disability vs. average performer: no coefficient, but those with known language disabilities average score was 87.

For item validity: .22-.49 for item discrimination (depending on age).


If you are a professional and have not previously answered our
Standardized Test Use questionnaire
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