VOIS3D (Vowel Overlap Indication Software - 3D)


  1. What is VOIS3D?
  2. Running the Standalone Application
  3. Project Summary
  4. References and citation information

2. Running the Standalone Application

Note: For installation of VOIS3D standalone software. Matlab software not required for operation.

Files you need to install VOIS3D (PC):
  1. mglinstaller.exe (creates the C:\MATLAB6p5p1\bin\win32 directory)
  2. VOIS3D.zip
  3. download the manual: (pdf)
Where to install them:
  1. Unzip the VOIS3D.zip file. This should create VOIS3D.exe and bin folders.
  2. Copy all files with the .dll extension (*.dll) and drop the copies into the "matlab/bin/win32" folder (make sure they keep their original names).
  3. Also copy the VOIS3D.exe file and drop the copy into the matlab/bin/win32 folder.
  4. Copy any files from the bin folder that was unzipped with the .exe file into the matlab/bin/win32 folder. It is ESSENTIAL for the VOIS3D.exe file to be in the matlab/bin/win32 folder for the standalone application to work.
  5. Because you are running from copies of the original files, the original files will be available to you in case you accidentally delete a file, or need to redo this process.
Launching VOIS3D:

Double-click on the VOIS3D.exe program file. A DOS screen may appear first, but don't worry. The VOIS3D window should soon appear in the foreground.

Running VOIS3D:

For help beginning your VOIS3D session, consult the file "VOIS3D Manual".


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