Current Research

Lab members' areas of research interest include: language and social networks, language shift and revitalization, language attitudes, morpho-syntactic and phonological variation, regional and ethnic dialect variation in American English, and phonological restructuring under dialect contact.

Current lab members are conducting fieldwork in the Pacific Northwest and Southern US, Jamaica, Hawaii, Chile, Japan, and Canada.

This page contains links to projects currently underway by Brown Bag members. This list updates periodically, so please do check back from time to time to find out what we're up to. As a service to sociolinguistics community, we publish some of our Human Subjects Division-approved research tools on our Elicitation Materials Clearinghouse page.


Seattle to Spokane - Betsy Evans. A perceptual dialectology study exploring people’s perceptions of English in Washington State.

The Pacific Northwest English (PNWE) Project - Alicia Wassink, Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation BCS-0643374 and BCS-1147678. A large-scale survey of English in Washington State, comprising interviews from a multi-ethnic sample of over 100 respondents from across the state. You can learn about study results and take the PNWE Audioquiz here. Sociolinguists can find project-related research instruments on our Elicitation Materials Clearinghouse page.

PNWE materials were used to demonstrate the value of formant trajectory measurement and analysis in the Best Practices in Sociophonetics Workshop (Marianna diPaolo, organizer), at New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV) 2013 (Pittsburgh, PA). Demo materials.

VOIS3D, a software tool for acoustic phonetic, sociolinguistic, and experimental phonological research, was produced by Alicia Wassink. More information can be found here.