Hydrogel microbead based immunoassay

The droplet microfluidics and external gelation setup is used to fabricate alginate microspheres immobilized with antibodies. The specific binding events of functionalized alginate spheres show specificity comparable to that of the ELISA assay. Our alginate microsphere approach can be utilized for specificity tests, disease diagnosis, targeted drug delivery and drug discovery.

Relevant publications:

  • W. Chen,  J.H. Kim,  D. Zhang,  K.H. Lee, G. A. Cangelosi,  S. D. Soelberg,  C.E. Furlong,  J.-H. Chung,  A. Q. Shen,  Microfluidic one-step  synthesis  of alginate microspheres immobilized with antibodies, Journal  of the Royal Society Interface, 2013, 10, 20130566.