Bryan Russo


B.S.,Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle

Research Focus

Ordered arrays of gold nanotubes/nanorods for various applicatiosn such as SERS (surface enhanced ramman spectroscopy), drug delivery, medical applications, and potential electrical devices (super capacitors). These arrays are grown via PC template growth due to its ease of use and affordability/scalability to industry. (concluded)

Another project is oxygen anealing of TiO2 nanoparticles for gratzel styled photoelectrochemical cells.

A subsidary of this research is producing fluorine tin oxide conductive thin flms for solar cell applications. In additional, this research will then spawn further investigaation into the fabrication of FTO nanopowders and nanorods for use in solar cells in the hopes of increasing the efficiency by providing greater surface areas as well as minimizing the distance electrons must travel thereby reducing the likelyhood of electron-hole recombination.

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