South Lake Union Lab Services

The SLU Lab Services is located in Room B56 of the Brotman Building. The center provides a variety of lab support services such as glass washing, autoclaving, waste disposal and CO2 monitoring.

Service Unit Rate Notes
Glass Wash and Dry Load $15.00 Marked glassware allows mixed loads, dry heat sterilization upon request.
AutoClave- Media and Lab Equipment Load $10.00 Labs are charged a portion of the per load rate, by volume.
AutoClave- Biowaste Red Bin $10.00 Labs are charged a portion of the per bin rate, by volume.
CO2 50lb cylinder $36.00 1 liquid tank= 8 gas cylinders
Pipettes Can $26.00 Washing and plugging.
Sharps Disposal 5-gal container $9.00 Containers >5-gal charged at $12 ea.; containers <5-gal charged at $6 ea.
Dry Ice 1lb $2  
Effective October 2011

A procedures manual that describes our services is located here.

Hoa Nguyen, Cost Center Coordinator
815 Mercer Street, Rm. B56
Seattle, WA 98109
Ofc: 206-685-2720
Pgr: 206-541-4870

Marcus Biondi, Cost Center Assistant
Pgr: 206-541-4895